Babysitting Training

Babysitting Training November 6, 2014

My 10-year-old son loves babies and little children. He loves them so much he wants to babysit for them. I told him he would need to take a babysitter training course and become certified. A couple of days later, on the way to school, he said the following to me:

Leo: When I think of babysitting training, I know it’s about how to hold a baby and change a diaper and feed them and stuff, but I just get this picture in my head of a military-style training camp.  Like where you have to do things really quickly and go through obstacle courses and get out of the way of things, and if you don’t you’re punished with having to do 50 push-ups or something. That’s how I picture training for taking care of little kids.”

Me: *blink* *blinkblink*

I’ll just leave that right there.

Babies are cute.
Babies seem harmless when they’re sleeping, don’t they?

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