Note to Self: Read Your Own Blog

Note to Self: Read Your Own Blog June 14, 2011

“You should read your blog,” Peter said.

“What do you mean?”  I asked. I had just told him about an hour on Sunday when I considered sitting on the porch and reading a book but ended up putting away clothes instead. He referred me to a post I had written about learning how to rest.

Oh. Right.

So earlier this week, when I was awake in bed at four in the morning, reciting to myself the list of things I had to do that would never get done, his words returned to me. “You should read your blog.”

And then again, when I sat at our kitchen table planning to type into the wee hours of the morning so that I could have blogposts stored up for the week ahead, I heard them again. “You should read your blog.”

And I thought–what would I say to myself? I would say–in the midst of life with a four-month old baby and two other kids, when your galleys are due for your book, when you’ve planned on a spiritual retreat–just let it go. Let the blog go for a couple of days. Get some rest.

I’m writing this on Monday night and I will post it on Tuesday morning. And if you read this, you can offer a prayer on my behalf–that Tuesday and Wednesday would be days of rest and reflection, of prayer and worship, of confession and thanksgiving, of anything and everything God wants me to receive.

Check back in on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts to share.

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