A Good and Perfect Gift Update plus Giveaway

A Good and Perfect Gift Update plus Giveaway October 7, 2011

Over the course of the past few weeks, Patheos has featured A Good and Perfect Gift on the Patheos Book Club. Click here to read an excerpt, Q and A, etc. In addition, they featured four bloggers who reflected on the book:

Jennifer Grant, “The Nature of Love Is to Expand,” who writes:

. . . through it all, her book demonstrates the nature of love – especially parental love – as the imperfect, hopeful, and expansive miracle that it is.

Ellen Painter Dollar, “Unexpected Grace,” writes:

. . . you don’t have to know the Beckers to become caught up in this story of their awakening to the gift of life—a gift to be received with gratitude no matter how many chromosomes or how much physical and intellectual capacity it comes with— and the particular gift of their daughter’s life. Amy Julia’s honest story of trying to make sense of the life her family shares, and the way she learned to delight in the daughter she was given, raises questions that are vital to this 21stcentury, in which technology offers us so many ways to strive to make life live up to our expectations. Amy Julia found that though her initial expectations for Penny went unmet, Penny’s life has brought a bounty of unexpected gifts.

Trish Ryan, “A Good and Perfect Story,” writes:

This is what makes her story (and mine, and yours) universal: We all need other stories to remind us of the larger realm of what is possible…and how very differently our lives can turn out, with options far more varied and interesting than statistics suggest.

In addition to the Book Club responses, I have also received a positive review on the blog Spreading Joy, and Caroline McGraw has a lovely post on her blog, A Wish Comes Clear. The post itself is not a response to A Good and Perfect Gift, per se, though some of the themes are similar. But Caroline is inviting any commenters on this post to enter a drawing for a free giveaway of A Good and Perfect Gift, so read the post and enter your name.

Meanwhile, many thanks to all of you who have helped (and are helping) spread the word about the book.

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