Some Days are Filled with Unexpected Joy

Some Days are Filled with Unexpected Joy October 19, 2011

Yesterday should have been rough. Peter was away, and I had gotten about five hours of sleep. But then, Marilee signed “eat” for the first time. William prayed, “Um, God, please help Dad get home safety with no accidents.” Penny got frustrated as she tried to hang a photo on the refrigerator and said, “Darnit gracious!” instead of “Goodness gracious!” We all went outside together, and after thirty minutes of eating grass and dirt (yes, she’s a third child), Marilee got a gleeful time in the swing as Penny pushed.

Later on, we discovered that Penny’s front tooth is loose. And I listened to William detail the various needs and uses of his pirate ship, and I wanted to reach out and catch the way he formulates his words–the “w” that should be an “r,” the “d” that should be “th,” and the use of the word “for” instead of “so.” I can’t catch these things and store them away. But I can look out for them each day, and give thanks.

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