Hodge Podge of Articles/Posts Worth Reading

Hodge Podge of Articles/Posts Worth Reading January 4, 2012

I can’t resist passing along a few articles worth reading, spanning topics of faith, family, and disability:

I’m probably just more aware of it than ever before (thanks again, Penny, for opening my eyes to a whole new world), but I feel as though every day I’m reading or hearing about people who are adopting children with Down syndrome. Much of this good work goes through Reece’s Rainbow. ABC News reports in a story called “Hidden Angels: American Families Saving Children with Down Syndrome.” I also happened upon the “news” that Target used a boy with Down syndrome in an ad campaign without drawing attention to the fact that he has Down syndrome. Read a great post about this act of true inclusion from Noah’s Dad.

And as someone who is trying to carve out more time for contemplation and stillness, I appreciated this New York Times oped on “The Joy of Quiet ” as well as Anne Lamott’s essay about finding time to write: “How to Find Time.”

Finally, some Reflection Questions for 2011. Incidentally, at dinner last night we asked Penny and William to name one thing they’d like to learn in 2012. Penny said ice skating. William said ice skating on his head. I’ll keep you posted.



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