One Last Surgery Update

One Last Surgery Update February 20, 2012

So the doctor told us to expect a 5-7 day recovery. But Penny woke up on Saturday morning (after 17 hours of sleep, including the time under anesthesia) with her eyes wide open. “Does anything hurt?” She shook her head.

Two hours later, I listened to her narrate what happened. “I went to Target and buyed a Dora video. Now I sitting in my chair watching a movie. It was my present from mom. I got a little poke. I need to buy a doll house. I need to buy a sweatshirt. I need to buy… what I need to buy? Oh, it’s all done. Maybe I will turn it off now. Yep I will turn it off. Bye bye. I buyed a new Dora.”

And then she asked if we could go to the playground. Which we did. So 5-7 days turned into less than 24 hours. The corners of her eyes are blood red where it should be white, and we need to put ointment in them and drops in her ears this week. Otherwise, we’re done. And, yes, I’ll say it one last time, we’re grateful.

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