A Not-so-Great Friday

A Not-so-Great Friday April 6, 2012

Perhaps it is fitting that today was a day with William screaming in the night, with two overtired parents responding with anger, with a morning filled with tears and yelling.

Perhaps it is fitting that after I had locked him in his room for an escalated time-out, as I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, I remembered to pray.

Perhaps it is fitting that today of all days I remember to thank Jesus for his forgiveness and acceptance and love for me, a sinner. A mom who often wishes she didn’t have to do all the thankless acts of bottom wiping and disciplining and sweeping the kitchen floor, again. A wife who wishes she didn’t have household responsibilities. A woman who wishes she could just pay attention to herself.

William came out of time out. And before we headed out the door, we sat on the floor together to pray. William didn’t contribute but he sat in my lap without wriggling. Penny asked for God’s help for a few people in need. And I prayed that our tears would turn to laughter, that our sadness would turn to happiness, that our yelling would turn to kind words, and that our anger would turn to love.

Today is the day we remember God’s gift that makes all those things–laughter, joy, kindness, love–possible. And so, on this Friday that feels not so good at all, I find myself grateful for a God who forgives us, who loves us, and who will continue to form us into people who love one another.

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