Who I’m Reading: an Introduction to Ellen Painter Dollar

Who I’m Reading: an Introduction to Ellen Painter Dollar July 31, 2013

Readers who are familiar with this blog will recognize my friend and colleague Ellen Painter Dollar. She and I met through an online debate about whether or not disability should be cured (see my piece for Christianity Today and Ellen’s response), and we’ve continued the dialogue for a few years now, covering topics such as adoption, abortion, and disability. Ellen and I are also now friends in the flesh. We live close enough to get together once a month to discuss writing and books and ideas, and I am grateful for her insights and her friendship. In case you haven’t spent time on her blog before, or even if you have and need a reminder of her clear and thoughtful prose:

I blog for the Patheos Progressive Christian Channel on parenting, disability, ethics, and faith. Here are a few of my most popular posts so far this year:

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