A Prophetic Story of Redirection & Redemption

A Prophetic Story of Redirection & Redemption July 4, 2024

On the third Saturday of June 2024, Sha’Carri Richardson, reigning 100m champion, competed for a spot in the upcoming Olympics in Paris, France. By now, you may have heard she’s officially Team USA, but the reason for this blog is to illuminate the prophetic nature in which she ran. Over the last few years, Richardson consistently overcame adversity both on and off the track. One challenge, in particular, not only altered the course of her personal life, but negatively impacted her 2020 Olympics run. In 2021, Sha’Carri’s bio-mom passed away. She died due to complications from a car accident.

Consequently, Sha’Carri’s performance on the track was plagued with panic as she found out shortly before running. Soon after, she tested positive for cannabis, which is strictly prohibited for track & field athletes, but she used it to cope with her mom’s passing. Sadly, her Olympic dreams instantly faded. However, her story doesn’t end there! Sha’Carri, known for her phrase, “I’m not back, I’m better” proved to the world in 2023, with redirecting her focus to The Lord, family, and proper training, that second chances are possible. She became the world’s 100m sprint champion after clenching the last spot in the final heat… running a 10.6.

Qualifying for the Olympics

Fast forward to June 21, 2024. As Sha’Carri Richardson took to the blocks for the 100m preliminary heat of the Olympic trials, stillness engulfed the stadium. The gun popped, and runners sped off. Sha’ Carri, however, was off-balanced stepping out to the right… placing her behind in the competition, but with sheer strength, and tenacity, she shot past competitors for the win.

Prophetic Revelation #1

As the enemy of our souls, or an evil wind, attempts to push us off course… to misstep, we must boldly regroup and forge forward, placing our focus on the goal line. God is there waiting with arms widened for our reception as His Spirit bares us across, if we let Him. With grit, grace, and God’s guidance, we can win. Even with a stammer-step, God is faithful to see us through to victory. Sometimes, we may see ourselves as the least, but God can use our quirks, or stumbles, to promote us to greatness.


Semi-finals June 22, 2024

In qualifying for the semi-finals, Sha’Carri, returned to the blocks in preparation of her start. Yet, instead of bursting forward, and keeping low, she basically stood up placing herself at a disadvantage. Keep-in-mind, the lower one runs out the blocks, the easier to cut through the wind and gain ground. Standing straight up is like raising a sail. The winds will flow against the fabric causing the ship to push outward (in this case backward). Yet, determined to win, Sha’Carri accelerated like a driver evading a speeding ticket. She jet past her opponents to the final race of the day.

Prophetic Revelation #2

Have you ever been last, then God decided to position you ahead of others? This sums up Sha’Carri’s second run. Whether it was nerves, overthinking, or poor preparation in the blocks, her decision to stand prematurely placed her behind her peers. However, with one push from God, He can send any one of us to the front where we belong. If we learn to consult God in our spiritual and personal movements, we can assume a better posture. Nevertheless, if we allow self-sabotaging thoughts, or unsolicited advice… among other things… to drive us,  we can cost ourselves the promotion, or the very thing we’ve asked God for. Sometimes, it’s not even us. We find ourselves in lanes unprepared by God due to demonic delay, and try to rescue ourselves, but there comes a time when we must allow God’s wind to get us sailing and out of His unchosen destinies for us.



Like both starts in the prelim and semi, Sha’Carri’s start was not her best, but it also wasn’t as potentially detrimental. Other competitors got out of the blocks better, but Sha’ Carri’s unquestionable strength moved her to the finish line first with a 10.70. Just imagine if she had demonstrated a pristine start. She’d be the perfect storm… and she’s already a cyclone.

 Prophetic Revelation #3

So many of us, like Sha’Carri haven’t experienced the best starts in life, but being chosen by God moves us out in front beyond secret competitors, false friendships, domestic hatred and betrayal.  Before you know it, you are on the the spiritual podium  receiving gold from the All-Wise God Himself. As we continue to stride, keeping our focus on The Most High, we can overcome anything. While the way to overcoming may not be conventional, or along a path well known, our strides will lead us to a success in God. A success the wicked cannot siphon.

To Sha’Carri Richardson, I wish you better starts and greater finishes. #GoldForShaCarri #ParisHereSheComes #NoMoreDelay #NoPlayingCatchUp

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