January 28, 2009

When things aren’t tame, we get hurt or sick or hungry. But without hunger, pain, or anguish, we lose the ability to appreciate the real good when it comes.  Mr. Tumnus: He’s not a tame lion. Lucy Pevensie: No… but he is good. “He’s not a tame lion.” Anyone who has read The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis or seen either of the two Narnia movies would recognize that line. It’s Aslan’s description. Aslan, the great lion who… Read more

January 26, 2009

“The greater the relationship, the fewer the rules.”  I read that phrase many years ago and it has stuck with me since. The truth of it reverberates deep inside me.  I see it play itself out over and over.  In situations of loving trust, few rules are needed.  But when trust begins to break, when one party no longer believes the best of the other, when intentions are questioned, the rules start to mushroom. The financial markets are facing the… Read more

January 12, 2009

There are advertising campaigns in England and Spain which publicize the atheist contention that God does not exist. Apparently highly Roman Catholic Spain has many, many atheists who feel very much discriminated against. So the local atheists have purchased an ad to run on the side of an occasional city bus that reads: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.” Now, while I don’t agree with the atheists, I find I disagree even more with the people… Read more

January 3, 2009

So what is health anyway?  If we can’t define it well, we can’t figure out if we have it.  Here’s a test to check your mental health:  http://www.sanityscore.com/ .  I took it and am considered pretty healthy mentally.  How nice of them.  But I’d sure like some good definitions of health, physical, mental, spiritual.  Give us a place to start. “A Pastor’s Thoughts” from First UMC, Krum, www.thekrumchurch.com Read more

January 2, 2009

How does a person get well?  What is healing?  Does God really heal miraculously?  How does western medicine cooperate with the healing process?  How does one maintain spiritual health when the body appears to be suffering from un-health? Perhaps an even better question:  what IS health anyway? I’ve got a lot of these questions racing through my mind after the last few months in particular of seeing many dear friends and relatives get hit hard by various illnesses, some absolutely… Read more

January 2, 2009

I was enormously privileged this year over the Christmas break to enjoy visits from my three sons, their gorgeous wives and significant others, and my three grandchildren, Joshua, 2 1/2; his brother Samuel, 13 months (my oldest son’s children), and Kate, 1 1/2, (my middle son’s child). I have not had the opportunity to spend much time with any of the grandchildren.  The two grandsons lived most of the last year in France and Colombia, and have now moved to… Read more

December 12, 2008

Well, the challenging week continues, but I’m beginning to see some daylight.  I took yesterday off, declined to meet with some people over important issues because I knew I shouldn’t trust my insight in this exhausted state, and then worked outside in the flower beds for much of the afternoon.  I cleaned out the beds with summer/fall plants, now dead from front.  Onto the compost heap. I looked sadly at the house plants I had put on the front and… Read more

December 12, 2008

A few weeks ago, a horrific terrorist attack left a number of people dead and wounded in Mumbai, India. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to this–it was just another piece of bad news filling the newspapers and airways. My inner response, “It doesn’t really affect me anyway.” Then I got an email from my oldest son who has been doing some graduate work in France. One of his classmate’s father was injured in the attack. Although the… Read more

December 9, 2008

So, yesterday morning I write about my state of being so empty.  Yesterday afternoon, my son who lives in France phoned to tell me his youngest son, Samuel, is in the hospital in Fontainebleau with a high fever that they can’t bring down and a possible kidney/bladder infection.  I told Jonathan that he developed something like that when he was four or five but no cause was ever found.  Later, Jonathan phoned again and said that the pediatrician over there… Read more

December 8, 2008

It’s a tough, tough time for the nation.  We are well into a huge economic crisis and the people who are going to get hit the very hardest are those living on the edge with no reserves to fall back upon.  The more vulnerable ones live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes even taking out payday loans to cover emergencies–and those loans have unbelievably damaging interest rates, thus pushing already precarious financial positions into real calamity. No reserves–that’s the problem.  Nothing to… Read more

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