Scientific Darwinism Fails Morally

Scientific Darwinism Fails Morally July 9, 2005

In a sometimes dizzying conversation on evolution a few days ago, I quickly realized two things: 1) I need to give a better defense of creation, and 2) The idea that evolution comprehensively explains life fails with clarity on the idea that it applies to morality. In other words, let’s say one concedes all of the evolutionist’s claims about the earth’s physical development and the evolution of human beings. One in no way needs to do this, but let’s say we decide to. Claiming to be the holistic worldview that it is, evolutionary theory (simplified to this: things get better and more complex with time) utterly fails to reconcile the reality of humanity.

The human race has not improved in its moral state over the ages. We are still naturally evil, we are still barbaric, we still slaughter one another needlessly over such things as land and money. Politics was corrupt back in the day; it carries its share of corruption today. Horrific acts were perpetrated against children then; so too are they now. Religions engaged in warfare to spread their message; they continue such destructive proselytization today. Nothing’s changed. We haven’t gotten better as a race. We are still desperate, still destitute, still as deadly to one another as we’ve ever been. The idea that we might not perpetuate our tragic beginnings can only begin with the worldview that denies the very act that began it all: the Fall. Christians are those who know that humanity fell to the dust in the garden, and outside of the grasping salvation of God, there we lie, today and always.

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