Seeking Calm in Storms: Pray for Union University in Jackson, Tennessee

Seeking Calm in Storms: Pray for Union University in Jackson, Tennessee February 6, 2008

I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but a major tornado ripped through parts of the South last night. The school my sister-in-law attends, Union University, was hit very hard by these storms. CNN actually covered the wreckage and interviewed students and the President of the school, David Dockery. I would encourage you to watch the video and to pray for the school and its students, staff, faculty members and mission. Union is a Southern Baptist school, and it is known for melding strong academics with a zealous heart for God and His glory expressed in all the earth. It has many students like my sister-in-law, Rachel, who exude a joyful faith desirous of application to the hurt and despair of the world.

Whether or not you are a Southern Baptist, I encourage you to remember this Christian school as it attempts to rebuild. Apparently, fewer than 100 cars out of 1100 emerged unscathed from the tornado. A number of dormitories and buildings are in shambles. But most importantly, a good number of students are injured. Miraculously, it appears that none were killed. Please join me in praying for these students as they heal. Also, let’s pray that this tragic event will result in a greater connection between Union and its community, and that this connection will yield many opportunities to share the gospel and praise the Lord in the midst of great trial. This is a disaster, but it is more than that–it is a missiological opportunity, and I pray that Union folks will seize it.

There are many others who I know and care for who are related to Union in some way. Many of the SBTS faculty send their children to this college. Several of my friends, including Matthew Crawford, who has guest-blogged for me, went to Union. Friends from DC and SBTS attend and work at this school. Here is hoping that in the midst of this great hardship, my brothers and sisters in the faith will cling to their hope, their strength, their calm in the midst of a physical and emotional storm.

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