Dispatches from T4G: Day Three–Sacrifice and Sayonara

Dispatches from T4G: Day Three–Sacrifice and Sayonara April 18, 2008

Today’s very quick thoughts:

1. One of the hardest things about T4G is the fact that many friends from the past are around. We’re talking the type who you never see. This makes it really hard to know what to do in organizing one’s schedule. Do you listen to the speaker who’s got great things to say or catch up with a long-lost friend for mutual edification? Tough call.

2. John Piper gave a typically stirring talk on the biblical imperative of Christian sacrifice for the sake of God’s glory. I found most moving, perhaps, his comments afterwards on how fathers must sacrifice their interests for the betterment of their families. I recommend you find the panel discussion (when it’s available) following Piper’s talk and listen to the whole thing.

3. Dr. Al Mohler hosted his fellow conference organizers on his radio show today. Dever, Duncan and Mahaney came in for a fun and helpful discussion that will prove helpful to those wondering what on earth I’ve been talking about the last three days. Give it a listen.

4. To all friends of the past seen at the conference: it was a treasure to be with you. To all friends made at the conference: it was a joy to meet you. To all who hunger for a much fuller fellowship, a fellowship that will include not simply the reformed and conservative but the international, trans-denominational, trans-labels body of Christ united by faith in His death and resurrection: it will be simply unspeakable to taste in full what this conference gave us in a very small part.

See you in 2010.

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  • Al

    Glad to hear of the good conference, however, this has got me thinking about the long term value of such conference. Yes, you can have a wonderful time with friends, cupcakes and speakers, but do such conference really make an impact on the individual attending and on long term church or even cultural practices/conditions? Is so, in what way(s)?

    In listen to “Al’s” show, from your link, I was stuck by the lack of older people, like me, attending the conference. Any thoughts on why this might be so?


  • Chris Brauns

    Owen, I enjoyed meeting you at the conference and I was able to locate your blog.

    You had a nice presence moderating the panel discussion.

    I have subscribed to your blog and I look forward to hearing where your studies in historical theology lead.

    Do you ever preach in churches? We aren’t that far away! You can e-mail me at chris at theredbrickchurch.org.