The Week-est Link, May 9, 2008: The Dark Knight, a Theology of Rap, and More

The Week-est Link, May 9, 2008: The Dark Knight, a Theology of Rap, and More May 9, 2008

1. Westminster professor Bill Edgar gave a lecture on the theology of rap music a few years back. My friend Andy Naselli tipped me to the lecture, and I think that you will find it positively engrossing and illuminating. Dr. Edgar, simply put, is one of the neatest theologians out there–he tackles topics that other theologians won’t touch, and he does so with generosity, clarity, and a bit of appreciation that makes him really interesting to listen to. I’ve learned a good deal from him, and I think you’ll enjoy his material.

2. The preview for the upcoming Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight,” is out. This movie looks incredibly dark and cool and enjoyable. Pardon the language on the webpage where the link is found–I don’t endorse it, but I do endorse the watching of really cool Batman movies…

3. CJ Mahaney has been publishing helpful words on women and modesty on the Sovereign Grace blog. Read his words–he has some of the most helpful, practical counsel you’ll find on matters like this, and he anchors it in stout theology. This is an incredibly thorny issue nowadays, what with the proliferation of tight women’s clothing and plunging necklines, and CJ wants to help. Let him.

4. Have you heard about the New Attitude conference? It sounds tremendous. It’s evolved into a mini-Together for the Gospel deal. If you’re single or a young married couple, truck over to Louisville in a few weeks for the conference, and be prepared to come away knowing a great deal more about how to live a holy life in a darkened world. Speakers include Josh Harris, Mark Dever, John Piper, and Al Mohler.

Have a grace-filled weekend.

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