The Suffering and the Glory: Phil Ryken and Pastoral Ministry

The Suffering and the Glory: Phil Ryken and Pastoral Ministry October 1, 2008

Today, on October 1, 2008, at 3pm in the ATO chapel in Deerfield, IL, my employer, the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding, will sponsor a Scripture and Ministry lecture by Dr. Phil Ryken, Senior Pastor, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. The lecture is entitled “The Suffering and the Glory: Pastoral Ministry in Union with Christ” and will cover the following, among other matters: What is the meaning and purpose of suffering in the work of pastoral ministry? What hope do we have that preaching the gospel will make a lasting difference for Christ? The rich biblical doctrine of union with Christ provides a complete theological and practical context for understanding both tragedy and triumph in the ordinary work of the pastor.

Here’s the blurb for the event: “Dr. Philip Ryken has experienced both the cross and the empty tomb in his ministry at Philadelphia’s historic Tenth Presbyterian Church, where he has preached for thirteen years. The author of thirty Bible commentaries and other books on Christianity, culture, and the church, Dr. Ryken has a passion for the local church and for connecting people in ministry to the life-giving work of the crucified and risen Christ.”

I’m very excited about this lecture and the picture of ministry that it will provide.  Andy Naselli, a Hansen Fellow with the Center, will be live-blogging the event on our blog.  Also, in coming days we’ll have a video recording of this lecture as well as a recording of an interview with Ryken done by pastor Steve Farish and myself.  Be sure the Henry Center website and this blog for more.

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    Can I just point out that the Henry Center blog is not actually a feed so you can’t put it on readers etc. Is that fixable?


  • am so interested with your ministries,and I have been so touched so much with your dedication to the Lord to do His work I pray that may the most high living God may He continue to use you this year 2008 and year 2009 in reaching many soul for Christ.
    I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to Tanzania to hold crusades and seminars,we also a church that is dedicated to reach unreached through seminars and crusade we will be very happy if we would get your favor to our request and be willing to come in holding seminars and crusades. And also we would like to partner with you so that we can work together in fostering the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. We would like to say thank you in advance for considering our request.
    And if you do have any query please hesitate not to ask me I will be willing to answer any thing that you would want to know.

    We do also having a nursery school helping the children whose the parents have passed way because of HIV and those whose the parents do not have ability to educate them, we will be so happy if you would help us in any way in helping these children.

    With thanks yours,
    Because of love of Calvary
    Rev. Raymond E.Mbidu
    Hoping to hearing from you very soon- God bless you so much.