The Week-est Link, November 14, 2008

The Week-est Link, November 14, 2008 November 14, 2008

edgar1. Here’s a cool cultural engagement site: Gospel and Culture.  Phil Ryken just recommended it on the Reformation 21 blog (itself a worthy site), and I’ve checked it out a bit.  Bill Edgar, one of my favorite thinkers, started this project, and it looks quite worthy of attention.  They do need to post media from their events, though; I would love to access some of the past material.

2. According to the literati (and specifically Wired magazine), blogs are “so 2004.”  Well, so what?  That’s my thoughtful reply.  I am not a fan of Twitter, personally.  Call me a grumpy young man, but it seems to provide endless opportunity for meaningless information that no one really needs to know.  I could have told you, for example, that I hit a few threes in my pickup basketball game this morning, or that I just ate (delicious) pumpkin bread made by my wife, but what would you really gain from that?  Furthermore, I want to shy away from activities that call attention to me and that can be pretty good fodder for narcissism.  Blogging is close enough as it is!

3. This is a great approach to basketball, but more importantly, all of life.  Written by my buddy Jed Coppenger, coach of the Boyce Bulldogs basketball team (Louisville, KY), it’s got some great material.

4. Dave Schrock considers marriage with his characteristic depth.  A great blog to bookmark.

5. A pounding hip-hop video from one of my favorite rappers, Mr. J Medeiros, a Christian who makes great music.  Download this one from ITunes for your next jog–you’ll go faster than before, I guarantee.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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