The Link 3.6.09–Mat Kearney, Al Mohler, Collin Hansen, and Emotional Ethics

The Link 3.6.09–Mat Kearney, Al Mohler, Collin Hansen, and Emotional Ethics March 6, 2009

whitney1. Christian Audio is giving away Don Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines Audiobook during this month.  Find it here. If you have not read this book, it is an absolute classic.  I’ll never forget learning from it what meditation of Scripture entailed.  Very, very helpful, especially for young Christians, though it would also help a long-time Christian wanting to refresh their practice of faith.

2. The live-blogging of the Southern Seminary & the History of American Christianity conference is now compiled.  Audio can be ordered on the site.  Garrett Wishall of Southern did a terrific job blogging this conference–check out his posts for more of this excellent and enriching conference.  I was there, and loved it.

3. My buddy Collin Hansen just spoke a number of times at a conference on John Calvin. Pastor Kevin DeYoung also spoke–I would commend anything he does.  His material is always thoughtful and edifying.  (HT: JT)

4. Have you heard these Mat Kearney songs?  “Breathe In, Breathe Out”; “Nothing Left to Lose”. Also, check out “Train Wreck” (no video).  Great music from a top Christian artist.

5. Check out the very recent Boundless interview with Al Mohler.

6. No disrespect to Christianity Today, but this hilarious piece says a lot about contemporary Christians who are more influenced by emotional ethics than by Pauline teaching.

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