The Link 4.17.09: God’s Will, Ware’s Teaching, and CEO Salaries

The Link 4.17.09: God’s Will, Ware’s Teaching, and CEO Salaries April 17, 2009

1. Kevin DeYoung has just written a really fun and helpful book called Just Do Something about God’s will.  I highly recommend it.  Very quick read, and dispels a lot of confusion about this most agonizing of subjects.  I liked it so much, I picked up my copy of DeYoung’s Why We’re Not Emergent and am loving that, too.  Pick them both up–Moody Publishers hit a home run with each.

2. Bruce Ware, theologian and churchman, has just written a terrific mini-systematic theology for children called Big Truths for Young Hearts.  It’s coming on market in two weeks.  I would recommend it for all people, not just children and the parents who raise them.

While I love Dr. Ware’s writing and teaching, though, I personally enjoyed the foreword most.  My wife, Bethany, daughter of Dr. Ware, wrote it with her lovely sister, Rachel.  Sorry to everyone out there–Bethany’s my favorite author by a long shot!

Here’s what theologian Russ Moore said about the book in his glowing review:

“My favorite part, though, is the foreword. The foreword is written by Bethany Strachan and Rachel Ware, the daughters of Bruce and Jodi Ware. I teared up as I read their words about their Dad. They talked about how Bruce would teach them as they grew up, sometimes by singing hymns, sometimes as they drove along on trips, sometimes on one-on-one dinners together. They write: “Dad really believes the things that are in this book.”

They further write: “To parents: it may sound cliche, but we followed our father’s teaching in part because he practiced what he preached.”

Moments after I read those words, I said, through tears, to a friend in a similar context: “Oh, how I pray one day our children could write words about loving and following the same gospel we’ve preached and taught. I can think of no greater blessing in this life.”

Dr. Ware is an exceptional teacher and thinker, but he is a better father, as I have seen firsthand.  He deserves the foreword his daughters wrote, and his book will help countless parents train up their children in the things that matter most in this world.

3. What CEOs make.  Just thought you might want to know.

4. See you next week at the Piper-Carson event, sponsored by BibleMesh.  If you can’t come, make sure you check back for the recorded material.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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