The Link 5.1.2009: Rapping John Piper, Bruce Ware, Jeremy Tyler, and the SAT

The Link 5.1.2009: Rapping John Piper, Bruce Ware, Jeremy Tyler, and the SAT May 1, 2009

jeremytyler1. If you’re interested in more of the vision behind Dr. Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts, here’s a Family Life interview that should help (HT: JT).  Now, if the Wares would just write a book on parenting…

2. This high school junior is skipping his senior year of high school to play professional basketball in Europe.  This goes in the “I am not making this up” category. (Photo: Mark Avery for the NYT)

3. If you have not watched the “Don’t Waste Your Life” video by Lecrae (shot and produced by Desiring God), you are missing out.  The song, based on John Piper’s teaching, is scorching, and the video deserves a Grammy, or at least a Dove.  Honestly, this is one of those rap songs that everyone–yes, everyone–should listen to, like Eminem’s “8 Mile”.

Also, Reach Records, Lecrae’s label, is doing a tour.  If you’re a parent and want some good rap for your kids to listen to, take them to this, and buy the Reach Records music.  Great rap, and God-glorifying.

4. Do you hate the SAT?  Learn more about it. Great article.  I love the Weekly Standard.  So wise, and so cutting and funny.

5. Have you heard about the Advance conference on local church ministry?  Now you have.  Now you should go.

6. For those of you interested in children’s ministry, Tony Kummer has a good blog going.  Also, Desiring God is sponsoring a conference on children’s ministry at this very moment.  Check the DG blog for a constant stream of info.  Looks like a wonderful conference, and much worthwhile media will come out of it, I’m sure.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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  • Owen,
    Thank you so much for the link. Your blog is really looking nice these days.

  • Riley

    Thanks for the link to the video. I really enjoyed it. Convicting. I’m really impressed with what I know of this guy and others like Flame. Pretty cross centered, gospel centered music.