The Link 6.12.09: NPR on Sex, Inner-City Transformation, and Patrick Henry College

The Link 6.12.09: NPR on Sex, Inner-City Transformation, and Patrick Henry College June 12, 2009

dating1. My TEDS buddy Andrew Lisi recently wrote a thoughtful blog on a report by NPR about how sex is, for the younger generation, almost completely separated from any lasting connection or bond. (Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts, NPR)

2. A Wheaton PhD student and friend of mine, Jeremy Treat, shares a stirring story about one inner-city Chicago high school’s transformation.

3. Newsweek has an audio slideshow up featuring a book on Patrick Henry College students by Jona Frank called Right.  It’s worth looking at and listening to, even if it comes from a liberal perspective.

4. Armchair basketball analysis: The Magic-Lakers game last night was quite frustrating.  Orlando deserved to lose, with Howard and Turkoglu unable to make free throws.  Too bad.  This will conclude our analysis.

5. So much for the whole “need-blind” admissions policies of some American collegesReed College of Portland, OR has been hard hit by the financial downturn.

6. Kevin DeYoung cites a helpful apology for the pro-life position made by Scott Klusendorf’s The Case for Life:

“Use the acronym SLED. Size: are big people more human than small people? Level of Development: Does self-awareness make us human? Are older children more valuable than infants? Are those with dementia less valuable? Environment: Do your surroundings determine your humanity? How can a journey eight inches down the birth canal change the essential nature of the child? Degree of Dependency: Does viability make us human? Are newborns or those who need dialysis not deserving of human rights? (28)”

–Have a great weekend, all.

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