The Link 9.4.09: 16 Straight Field Goals, Health Care, and 36 Hours in Zagreb

The Link 9.4.09: 16 Straight Field Goals, Health Care, and 36 Hours in Zagreb September 4, 2009


Got alot of good stuff for you today:

1,I’m pretty sure that you’ve never seen anything like this.  16 STRAIGHT FIELD GOALS by Jamal Crawford back in 2007.  It is a masterpiece performance by a supremely talented but enigmatic performer.

2. Speaking of Crawford, check out his dribbling skill.  He comes into the video somewhere around the 2:00 mark, and though he’s taking it easy, his “handle” is incredible.

3. Now that I have lulled you with masterful basketball videos, I proceed to up the ante.  Justin Taylor linked to this excellent piece on the problems with universal health care.  It’s long, sad, and devastating to the case for UHC.  Remember: it is good for Christians to think about these things.  We don’t care just about the afterlife (though it is central).  It’s good to think hard about difficult things.  We need to train ourselves to do so.

4. Unemployment is slowing.  Just thought you might want to know. 

5. 36 hours in Zagreb, Croatia.  Sounds pretty cool. 

6. My family and I were almost hit by a driver texting on their phone yesterday.  The NYT has an article up on a new PSA video that’s taking the web by storm.  Let me say it here, publicly: if you hit my car and injure my child because you’re texting on your phone, there will be consequences…

7. The Henry Center is webcasting the Kantzer Lectures in Revealed Theology with Stephen Williams this coming week.  If you like heady theology, you will want to tune in.  You can also follow HCTU Hansen Fellow Andy Naselli’s live-blogging on the ramped-up HCTU blog.

8. Mike Anderson has a good series over at The Resurgence going on the mission of Jesus.  Mike, as with alot of the Resurgence/Mars Hill Church/Acts29 guys, writes with clarity and punch.  Good stuff.

9. Collin Hansen has a typically thoughtful piece on young evangelicals and their approach to culture.  Check it out.

–Have a great weekend, all.  If you get a little free time, work on your dribbling.

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