HBU’s The City, David Brooks, and the Urban Woodsman

HBU’s The City, David Brooks, and the Urban Woodsman February 5, 2010

The City has just published its latest issue in ZMags.  If you have never used this web program, check out the site.  It’ll take you a minute, but it’s pretty cool.

Also, if you are a thinking Christian, sign up to receive The City for free from Houston Baptist University.  I read every page in the latest issue, and found a ton of food for thought.


David Brooks just published a piece worth reading on the value of sports in society.  Brooks is pretty positive, on the whole.  I would have quibbles with some of his points.  I want to read the essay he riffs off of, a piece by Duke University professor Michael Gillespie called “Debating Moral Education” from an upcoming title of the same name.


Are you an urban woodsman?  New York magazine documents a new trend.  (Be careful on that site.  There’s some hinky stuff.)


Recently, doctors in Belgium found a trace of life in a vegetative patient who had lain comatose for five years.  Some serious implications for those who advocate the rush to extinguish life in such situations, eh?


Carl Trueman, resident critic of evangelicalism, weighs in on the evangelical embrace of tenets and aspects of Catholicism.

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