Good News: Vanhoozer Returns to TEDS

Good News: Vanhoozer Returns to TEDS November 10, 2011

Many have now seen the announcement about systematic theologian Kevin J. Vanhoozer returning to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as research professor of systematic theology.  He has served as Blanchard Professor of Theology at Wheaton Graduate School from 2009-11.  Prior to that, Vanhoozer taught at TEDS from 1998-2009.

Here is the announcement from TEDS:

At the divinity school faculty meeting on Wednesday, November 9, Dr. Tite Tiénou, dean of TEDS, and Dr. John S. Feinberg, chair of the biblical and systematic theology department, announced the return of Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer. He will assume the position he filled before his three-year departure from TEDS—that of research professor of systematic theology.

Dr. Craig Williford, president of Trinity International University, said that he is “delighted that Dr. Kevin and Sylvie Vanhoozer are rejoining our Trinity learning community. Dr. Vanhoozer’s significant contribution to God’s redemptive global work as one of the world’s leading theologians expands the influence of Trinity for the sake of the gospel.”

Read the whole announcement here.

While in residence at TEDS as a doctoral student, I had Dr. Vanhoozer in class and worked on several projects with him through the Henry Center, including the Kantzer Lectures in Revealed Theology.  As one can imagine from his list of publications, Dr. Vanhoozer drew a certain amount of awe among TEDS students, including his 17 (!) doctoral students.  His positions were sometimes challenging, regularly creative, and always stimulating.  In my interaction with Dr. Vanhoozer, I observed a refreshing level of humility and kindness.  He had all his prolegomena students to his house, played the piano for us (as we ate Sylvie’s marvelous quiche), and was quite possibly the most eloquent lecturer I have ever heard in my life.

I believe that this is good news for Trinity, and I hope that this reassumption of Vanhoozer’s former post will continue to bolster the international reputation of the school as the leading pan-evangelical seminary in the world.

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