Abortionist: “Let Me See You Adopt Those Ugly Black Babies”

Abortionist: “Let Me See You Adopt Those Ugly Black Babies” August 8, 2012

The above clip is one of the more horrifying things I’ve seen caught on camera.  In the 38-second video, pro-life Christians confront an abortionist.  I don’t know the circumstances of this conversation, but it is clearly a visceral encounter.

In the course of the confrontation, the abortionist yells at the pro-lifers “I as a taxpayer do not wish to pay for those babies to be born, and brought, and kill those people in Colorado.”  He then identifies the babies, saying “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

This is jaw-dropping on several accounts.  First, the abortionist, Ron Virmani, has the race of the Aurora shooter entirely wrong.  James Holmes is white.  Second, the racism here takes your breath away.  Third, you see the logic of abortion–it’s best to kill in order that others will not be killed (there’s a major logic problem here).

It shows how fallen our world is that something like this can’t galvanize a nation and make it realize the terrible evil of abortion.  As anything but a life-saving device, it’s pure evil on its own terms.  It also is a Trojan Horse for other sins, however, including racism.  In other words, because abortion has been sold to–and bought by–upstanding America as a good and a right, racists can use it to exterminate children they hate.  That’s not some controversial claim on my part, by the way–that was Margaret Sanger’s stated intention in founding Planned Parenthood, to exterminate black children, or “human weeds,” as she so kindly said.

And don’t think that’s not on the abortionist’s mind as he crushes the skulls of little babies with forceps or administers drugs that leave them gasping and clawing for life before they perish.  Racism is the great secret when it comes to abortion.  The man in that video, yelling at Christians, thinks he is performing a righteous deed.  He and others think that abortion is a noble cause, when it is in reality the scourge of our civilization.

How videos like this–and the confrontations faced by courageous pro-lifers like those in this outstanding Louisville ministry, which my church (Kenwood Baptist) is involved with–make us long for the spread of the gospel.  It is the mission of God to welcome all the nations in Christ, not to murder them in the womb. As Christians contend for the gospel and a holistic culture of life–from womb to grave–we remember that we are fighting against principalities and powers that hate children.  Keep fighting.  And keep adopting, as so many of my friends and evangelical peers have.

We love the little children.

And Lord, come quickly.

(HT: Washington Examiner)

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