Are Complementarians Really the Most Pro-Woman Folks Around?

Are Complementarians Really the Most Pro-Woman Folks Around? July 9, 2013

Yes, I think so. I explain why this is so in the media below.

Recently, I’ve had opportunity in my role as Executive Director of the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (CBMW) to do several interviews that have allowed me to speak to my gospel-driven, positive vision for the organization.

If you’re wondering how complementarianism is truly liberating, if you want to know how the gospel syncs up with sexuality and gender, and how we’re handling same-sex marriage, the following should help.

Here are the links to three pieces of content that the CBMW blog picked up:

1. On June 28, I spoke with Jared Oliphint at Reformed Forum’s Christ the Center podcast.

We don’t need to have a narrow focus as complementarians. Our purview theologically covers so much. Think about it: gender, sexuality, family issues, discipleship issues … homosexuality, transgender matters, church/pastoral matters, individual Christian walk issues. There is so much. What we’re trying to do is build CBMW into a major media outlet for evangelicalism.

Listen to the whole thing here.


2. On July 4, I spoke with Louisville’s Voice-Tribune about the latest Supreme Court rulings regarding marriage.

Strachan, who considers the Bible to be “the ultimate authority in the world,” said marriage requires not only love and commitment but adherence to Biblical guidelines. “In embracing same-sex marriage,” he said, “America is turning away from wisdom.”

In Strachan’s view, an anti-discrimination law would jeopardize religious liberty. “The irony is that discrimination will happen against the religious person who believes that homosexuality is a sin.”

Read the rest here.


3. On July 5, I was interviewed by Dan Darling at the popular Leadership Journal blog, Out of Ur.

We know from practical experience that men and women, though sharing much in terms of spiritual call and purpose, are uniquely created by God for certain roles and responsibilities. Amidst a spirit of mind that denies basic reality, CBMW is here to calmly, trustingly, and joyfully make the point that our distinctiveness and complementary are not ill realities, but beautiful ones, and if we will embrace them, we will unleash human flourishing in all directions.

Read the whole thing here.

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