Easter Is About Satan Losing in Spectacular Fashion

Easter Is About Satan Losing in Spectacular Fashion April 20, 2014

I was reminded by this excellent piece from Tim Brister about Easter that Easter is the least sentimental of all our holidays. Easter, Tim says, is for the dead.

This beloved cultural holiday is not fundamentally about pleasant feelings, or warm days, or communal togetherness, or pastel-colored shirts, or ingeniously devised egg hunts, or being together with loved ones. These aren’t bad things. Many are good (particularly depending on what color the pastel shirt is). It’s just that they aren’t the meaning of Easter.

Easter is about a million dormant cells exploding to life. Easter is about stinking corpses lurching back to existence. Easter is about sin and death and hell losing, and losing in spectacular fashion. Easter is about people like you and me who deserve to be dead and tormented for all eternity instead living life to the full in Jesus Christ.

Easter is about death. It reminds us that we have an enemy, and that we are outwardly wasting away (see 2 Cor. 4:7-18). But we will be renewed. Our body will flood with power at the return of Christ. Easter is about death, but it is preeminently about life.

And it is not a holiday for the neat and clean, the do-gooders and the have-it-togethers. It is a holiday for the dead, and the risen, and we are they.

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