Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion?

Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion? May 26, 2021

Many times I have been asked about my position on abortion. But before we discuss that, I want to make it plain here, I am not a woman and I will never understand the difficulty of making this decision. Nor do I stand in judgement of women who have chosen to have abortions. I am not writing this to decide if women should or should not have abortions. Honestly, the true reason I’m even writing about the subject is that I am constantly asked about my stance. And it needs to be clear, that this is my stance, not the Law of God or any church. I’m simply giving my 2 cents because people keep asking. So with humility I will explain my stance.

Am I pro-life or pro choice? On one side, there seems to be an initial sigh of relief until they hear what I mean by my answer. On the other side there is initial shock in my answer and a sigh of relief in the explanation. My simple answer is this: I am pro life. Here is where I confuse many; I believe pro life is pro choice. Let me explain;

Pro-Life and Pro Choice are not Mutually Exclusive

I am of the opinion that the modern pro-life movement doesn’t quite fully grasp what it means to be pro-life. To be for the preservation of life means that one defends life regardless of its stage. One who truly is pro-life is against any violation of the sanctity of life. Abuse of the elderly, abuse of children, murder of adults and systemic racism are examples of things someone who finds life valuable should also stand against. It also means that I cannot endorse the death penalty. I am for the life of unborn babies, but once they are born their life is still just as valuable

Pro Life Must Also Mean Pro Families

If one stands against abortion to the point of making it illegal, they must also be willing to stand against those things that threaten the life of children after birth. We must feed the children that are being born, void of any qualification by the parent. As a society, if we are anti-abortion, we should be pro social programs for the kids being born. I have seen so many cases where we are trying so hard to prevent abortion but will do nothing to feed the children that are born. We do little to help educate or stabilize these children. This happens because most pro lifers aren’t pro life; they are anti abortion.

Pro Life is a Spiritual Stance, Anti-Abortion is a political one

It is possible for a person to be pro-life and anti-abortion. But it is also possible to be pro-life and Pro choice. Pro-Life is the spiritual stance and belief that ALL living things should be cared for and nurtured. This includes nature, animals and humans. Anti-Abortion is a single issue political stance dealing with the issue of abortion only. All I ask of fellow so-called Pro-Lifers is to either fulfill the reality of a pro life mandate and care for all life, or stop calling yourself pro-life. We must mean what we say and act on it, and not just in the convenience of the abortion argument.

We cannot be pro-life when it fancies our political stances and then condone actions like the death penalty. Our hypocrisy is clearly seen when we mandate birth but wont help with the labor of raising the child. It is seen in the eyes of the world as we seek to use state sanctioned killing for justice. We are living double minded and acting as our politics dictate. We need to start acting the way Christ exemplified and truly be pro life, not anti abortion.

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3 responses to “Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion?”

  1. I am pro-ABUNDANT life – I am not only against abortion but for taking care of families and showing them the love of Jesus.

    However, I wish to respectfully disagree with this article that being pro-life means rejecting the death penalty. Indeed, there is a point when a person does so much evil that only with the death penalty can we fulfill God’s justice on earth. (The death penalty should be rarely employed, though.) Also, I believe the majority of pro-life people do care for children after they are born. (See this link:

    That said, this was a good and insightful article altogether. Interesting stance that pro-life IS pro-choice!

  2. Genesis informs us that the first breath gives life. It says nothing about a fetal heartbeat or trimesters.

    Adam was created from clay and God breathes in his nostrils to make him human and living.

  3. Another question is this… are women people? I ask that sincerely. Why? Because the fundamental position of the anti-abortion movement is that women are not people. That women are animals who must be bred and controlled. That women have no right to their body. That women have no say in their lives. It’s a disgusting truth of the anti-abortion movement where they fetishize a fertilized embryo and ignore the real person.
    In essence, the antiabortion movement is a “think of the children” con game. The antiabortion movement isn’t interested in children. The antiabortion movement routinely supports politicians who cut funding for those welfare queens or school funding or community resources. It’s a joke. It’s a lie.

    I find the antiabortion members to be profoundly disturbing on a human level. You see, I can look at a rapist and see his or her humanity. I may despise what they did but I see them. What the antiabortion person does is wipe out 50% of humanity and say to the women.. you are not human. You do not have human rights. Obey your owner. It’s a disturbing mindset and it makes me question the humanity of an anti-abortion supporter. After all, humans can recognize other humans. Even animals can recognize humans. So what are anti-abortion creatures? are they human or are they profoundly damaged defective failed creatures that should be removed from polite society?

    See what I did at the end? I can easily use dehumanizing language to describe the antiabortion creature. Just like they do when they dehumanize a woman or a young girl. After all, the antiabortion person isn’t paying the price. They just whip their slave and make their slave suffer. What’s it to them if the woman will die from her pregnancy? What’s it to them if the woman can’t afford a child and will be condemned to a lifetime of suffering. Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe the antiabortion creature is so devoid of humanity that they revel in suffering. That makes sense to me. That’s the truth of the antiabortion creatures.. that they are the real demons in this world. They take great pleasure, in fact, there’s a sense of vindictiveness, as they prance around in their gaudy public “think of the children” act.

    If I had my way, we’d tax and force the antiabortion supporters to financially pay women and support their children. Not the prochoice. Only the anti abortion supporters. If they can’t afford it, they lose their rights, their homes, their churches and everything else they value. After all.. it’s to “save a life”. Surely the antiabortion person will sacrifice their security and their comfort for their beliefs.

    BTW – I find it fascinating that christians are antiabortion. Have they ever read their bible? Or is it only their god who is allowed to murder real babies and children? Just asking. I mean, first born of Egypt. Drowning the entire world which included pregnant people and babies. Killing David and Bathsheba’s first born child. Does any of this ring a bell? Or is Christians’ morality so barbaric that they ascribe to the silly ” rules for thee, not for me” that countless aristocrats and powerful people used to abuse and harm the weak and the fragile?

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