My Husband; My Hero

My Husband; My Hero December 30, 2011

It’s hard for some people to understand how someone could go through all the things that I have been through and still believe in a loving God. I had a hard time believing it for most of my life. I always thought that everything I went through was proof that God had favorites, and I was not one of them.

2 years ago when I began going through RCIA to get my Sacraments that all changed. I realized that I had been thinking of God all wrong. God is not some old guy with a long beard sitting passively by on a throne in a cloud. God is everywhere and in everything. He surrounds all of us all of the time. There is nowhere we can go where he is not. We can cut ourselves off from His Grace but we can never separate ourselves from him.

The first time I really got a taste of how God steps into our life and makes things happen that will make us smile is when I saw a flock of sheep in Rome. The second time was when I married Stacey Adams.

I have already told you how Stacey and I began and how we got to October 7th 2010 when I became his wife. The one thing I have not written about is how the fact that God gave me him as a husband reminds me that God is Love. Stacey is God’s living love letter to me.

When we were going through marriage classes we were told that the job of spouses is to get each other to Heaven. Stacey and I giggled and cracked jokes about that throughout the 3 months that we prepared for the big day. For people who know me and know how much of a handful I am it’s not that much of a stretch to see just how dealing with me will make Stacey a saint. What most people don’t know is how he is helping me grow in holiness.

Unlike me, Stacey is not a PIA. He doesn’t let his anger control his mouth and he doesn’t have an enemy in the world that I know of. The only people who don’t like Stacey are people who hate how much everyone loves him. I’m his wife and it can get a little sickening. LOL

Last night as I watched him with his dad, I was reminded of how much he teaches me. He patiently sat at dinner and listened to his dad. After dinner the subject of Mass came up. Somehow they ended up discussing how his dad was not going to Mass for whatever reason. Stace got in the truck and told me to look up the Catholic Churches around the area. We found one and we drove there so that his dad would know where it was and what time Mass was. If that had been me; I would have said something rude to my mom and the whole thing would’ve ended up in a fight, but not my husband. He just lovingly set out to find a way to help his dad get to Mass.

After the drive Stace went all out to spray his dad’s house. Watching Jerry listen to Stacey about how to mix chemicals for killing bugs and learning from him made my heart melt. I know my husband, all he has ever wanted was the approval of his father, and last night I watched as that happened. I was never so proud of him.

My husband teaches me how to be humble, and charitable. He is my hero and the person that I look up to the most in this world. He is honest, kind, loving, faithful and so many other things. He is the example of what a real man is. Not by the same measure that the world defines a real man, but because of how many people love and respect him.

The last thing his mom asked me for before she died was to make sure that I love Stacey as much as she does. Irene loved Stacey to the max. Every time she saw him her whole face lit up and smiled. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him. I promised her that I would do that, and I pray and hope that I always keep that promise.

My husband is the only proof I need that God loves me. He is everything I could’ve ever wished for. He is my knight is shining armor.

"Marriage is an act of will that signifies and involves a mutual gift, which unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls, with whom they make up a sole family - a domestic church. " ~ Blessed John Paul II
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  • Connie

    Extremely beautiful & poignant.