Closing My Combox

Closing My Combox March 6, 2014

I really have debated on whether or not to blog through Lent. I really need silence and that is why I have gotten off all Social Media, including Instagram. It’s also why I have quit doing any pro-life work, other than helping people who contact me personally. I never shut up.

That means that I am always talking to someone about something. But one thing that I’ve realized lately is that all that talking keeps me from listening to God. Also, it has me in the middle of things that are none of my business. Not everything Catholic is my business. What Bishop so and so is doing in a diocese across the state, country or world is frankly: None of my business. I have not gotten any visions from God that I am the 2014 version of St. Catherine of Sienna.

That being said, I blog for 2 reasons: to work things out in my head, it’s how I think. Some people think while cleaning or doing yard work. I write. The other reason is to show people what the life of a Catholic looks like. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops. A life for Jesus has ups and downs, happy time and sad times. Time of complete failure and getting back up. Lent is sometimes easy, sometimes it’s like being ripped apart, but it is always worth it.

I am not sure how much I will be blogging, but I just wanted to explain why comments will not be open. Also, comments kind of give me a big head.  :)


**I got the idea from The Anchoress 

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