Taking a Break from Adulting

Taking a Break from Adulting August 4, 2015

I am sitting in a coffee shop working on my first of three research papers. I have been on Facebook here and there for work, the radio show, but for the most part, I have not really commented or anything, which means that I haven’t “talked” to anyone in almost 2 days. I have been researching my butt off, including with researching how to write research papers since I have never in my life written one. Ever. (please pray for me)

So I needed a break. I also watched the 5th undercover video about Planned Parenthood selling the organs of aborted fetuses and really, it’s just too much. I know that abortion is a horrific injustice done to the most innocent of human beings, those who can’t speak for themselves and that we all need to speak up for them and do what we can, when we can to stop this holocaust that is happening right under our noses. But I need a break from that too because I am human and I can only take so much before I begin to despair and I have to remind myself that God is in control and in His own time, He will bring justice to all of us for what we have done or fail to do when it comes to the death of these innocent children.

So again, I needed a break and this funny story came to my mind. My husband and I grew up in two small towns that are right next to each other. So when someone in our family back home is sick, we both go “home”. I am not sure how many people have that with their spouse but it’s something that I love about being married to my husband. He knows exactly what I know about how I grew up and where I come from because he comes from there too.

We recently went home to visit with my uncle who is still pretty sick and we were at the grocery store getting things for dinner. This grocery store is tiny and it’s in a small town in south Texas where there is a lake that is pretty popular with people from all over the state to come and fish. Not to mention all the land that is full of animals for hunting. So along with being able to get groceries, toiletries and ice and and stamps, you can also get fishing poles, hunting licenses and bait. (probably amno too, but I am not really sure about that.) As Stacey and I are walking down the aisle with the fishing poles and bait I see this beautiful fishing lure and slowly walk up to it to touch it saying “Look at this one Stace! It is soooooooo pretttttyyyy!”, no response from my husband. I look back to see if he heard me and he’s just staring at me like a crazy person and then he bursts out laughing and says “Wow! That really does work, it just lured you right over there didn’t it?!”

Both of us died laughing right there in the middle of the store. He may or may not have made a sexual joke, I’m not admitting to anything. But my husband and I had not laughed like that in so long that it felt so good to just be in the middle of the tiny grocery store that held so many memories for us both, in the town where we met as 4 year olds and be happy.

There are a lot of terrible things happening in this world, it has always been like that, there was a day when we as a human race nailed God to a cross and killed Him. This isn’t the worst it has ever been. Let us fight evil, but let us not forget to love, live and laugh too. Evil will not win, those of us with faith know this. God is good and He works all things for the good of those who love Him. We have to hang our Hope on that.

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