The Scandal of TV Shows

The Scandal of TV Shows November 23, 2015

People losing their shit for a TV show portraying things that happen in real life is so ridiculous to me. First of all, if people knew anything about Shonda Rhimes’ shows they would know that when a character on Grey’s had her abortion, her marriage fell apart because of it. But a lot of people like to write blog after blog about shows they know nothing about and a writer they know nothing about.

Abortion happens in real life, Planned Parenthood has support from people in real life. A person with a real life is writing these shows. And Ps Rhimes was raised Catholic so all this crazy only confirms what she believes about the faith she grew up in. Honestly people, this is why people don’t want anything up to with Catholicism because we flip the eff out over things that don’t need to be flipped out about and sometimes without knowing all the facts. We hear the rally cry and BAM! We are chiming in. 

It’s a show, watch it or don’t watch it. But I see more of the devil in prideful, self-righteous and uncharitable backlash from pro-lifers than I do on a show that is fiction. People who claim to LOVE clarity only love being able to look superior to others in this world. That’s not Catholic.

Wanna help Shonda Rhimes write about Catholics in a positive way? Be charitable Catholics towards her. She likes Mother Teresa, so ask Mother T to pray for her. But for the love of GOD stop insulting her and being a freaking whackadoodle about a TV show.

I have been told that the playing of “Silent Night” was the part that bothered them. I can get that but really as a writer, I can see how that can be about what is going on in someone’s heart and not a finger to anyone or a celebration of abortion.

I don’t watch Scandal (I love Grey’s) , but as a writer I can see how a writer who was raised Catholic may have done that to show how in that moment the thought of Jesus comes back…. I know women who have had abortions and prayed their way through it because they had no One else to hold on to. God is not ok with our sins, none of them (and we are all sinners, even those who like to point out everyone else’s but not their own) but even in the middle of my worst sins, He was there for me.

The Christmas before I started RCIA, I sat on the lap of a man dressed like Santa at a swingers club as porn played on big screens all around me. When Silent Night came on, I remembered Who Jesus is. To this day I say that He walked into that club and found me. I was lost and He found me celebrating His birth in that place.

I don’t think it was a middle finger to the Catholic Church for Rhimes to write that in and even if it was, the way to respond isn’t self-righteousness.  Maybe I just see thing from a different point of view because I am living proof that Jesus can be found by the worst of sinners in the depths of their worst sins. And I did give the Catholic Church the finger every chance I got back then. I still flip off some Catholics sometimes.

And save the ” you must not be truly pro-life” crap. I’m pro-life and anti-being a self righteous jerk at.the.same.time. I didn’t always feel that way and was a real self-righteous jerk and it cost me a lot of things and didn’t help anyone.

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