Lady Gaga, a Cure for the Mondays

Lady Gaga, a Cure for the Mondays May 9, 2016

Photo from Flickr: rembrandt_return_prodigal_son_detail_4_1669
Photo from Flickr: rembrandt_return_prodigal_son_detail_4_1669

I woke up this morning with a picture of Lady Gaga and a priest and a caption where she mentioned the Eucharist being the food given to us from God. I was sure that I was still asleep or reading it wrong. But nope, it’s true, Lady Gaga goes to Mass, says the word Eucharist and loves her priest. It was the best post I’ve read in a really long time.

This Mother’s Day I spent the day worrying about my oldest son who is having a hard time with the death of my uncle and left the Church a long time ago saying he was an atheist. He had a bad day and ended up at my mom’s house yesterday so I went over there to check on him. I won’t go into details about what is going on with him, but I didn’t leave there feeling any better about the situation at all. In fact, I felt even more worried. I am not sure whether to find a doctor or an exorcist first, it’s that kind of coin toss situation.

Seeing the picture of Lady Gaga felt like a sign from God that anything is possible. He is always searching for us no matter what, no matter what we think we are so sure of or what we are so sure that we no longer believe.

Before becoming Catholic I loved Lady Gaga. I listened to her music all the time, it made me happy and I could dance and dance. It was the music in my happy place. Then she became pretty anti-Catholic in her videos and imaging so my then 8 year old daughter, who wanted to be a nun at the time, banned her music from our house. I agreed with that. I will support artists who aren’t Catholic or even that support things that I am morally against, but what I won’t ever support is someone with the platform Lady Gaga had encouraging ignorance and ugliness towards my faith.

I am sure that she was going through some struggles with the Faith, who hasn’t? I’ve had them on the daily for the last few years. But I still draw the line with accepting anti-Catholic sentiments from people who can influence others to become hateful towards me and children. I try to teach my children to respect the beliefs of others and I expect the same from other people, including pop artists.

I am not going to sit here and try to figure out just how Catholic Lady Gaga is or make a judgment on the authenticity of her faith because that is none of my business or anyone else’s. Everyone is on their own journey that God has planned out just for them. Everything we believe about Him is by His Grace, may His Grace keep lighting the way for Lady Gaga and all the children who have walked away from their faith in anger or hurt. And may we all have the Grace to welcome them home with open arms instead of with interrogations.

I watched this video of Lady Gaga awhile back and I loved it.

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