True Magic With Essential Oils

True Magic With Essential Oils August 21, 2019


Oils are similar to water in that they have more effect on our emotional nature. Oils contain some of the earth element, so they affect the physical nature as well. Oils can be either of animal, mineral, or plant origin. Mineral oils have more of the earth quality in them and are more suited to spells which fulfill earthly desires and negative magic. Plant oils carry with them the “feeling” or vibration of the plant from which they came. Animal oils also carry the vibration of their origin, but they are rarely found except in lard from the pig, and tallow from sheep. Because animal oils affect the animal nature directly, they have developed a reputation in negative magic.

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When you make up an oil, you must remember that you are mixing the influence of the oil and the herb (or other material) you add to it. This requires a subtle ability to blend the vibrations correctly, and this only comes with experience. You are better off beginning with oils where the formula specifies the particular oil to be used. As with other magical spells, it does not pay to experiment until you can tell what you will have before you mix it.

There are a number of plant oils which can be used as a basis for magical oils. The following list gives some of the more commonly found oils and their uses. These oils can be purchased in health food stores or some of the larger grocery stores. For the most part, they are the oils most commonly used in magical work, primarily because they are easily available.

ALMOND OIL: This oil is said to correspond to the Sun in Leo. This kind of correspondence is found in a number of oils and seems to be based on the fact that oils of all sorts were used in lamps in ancient times. The primary indicator of light is the Sun in Leo, so this attribution was given to many of these oils. I was originally taught that the almond was pre-eminently a plant of Venus, and that the virtue (or power) of Venus permeated all parts of the tree, including the oil. This coincides with the idea prevalent in most Western magic that the almond and the oil of the almond are the nut and oil of first choice for love spells or amatory magic. Almond oil is also useful for the restoration of health and mental stability. It is an excellent base for healing and massage oils.

OLIVE OIL: Also corresponds to the Sun in Leo. You will find that olive oil forms the base for most of the oils which originate in the Mediterranean area. This is simply because it is the most common cooking and lamp oil found there. Olive oil is a good base oil for all positive work. It is used for spells from gambling to love and everything in between. It is particularly good for spiritual or religious work, as it receives and holds a magical charge with little difficulty. It has a naturally clear vibration, which is not subject to decay. For this reason, olive oil is difficult to use in negative work or in laying curses. Olive oil is the base oil for most of the Christian “anointing oils.”

SOYBEAN OIL: This oil is used in Chinese magical work, but I have never heard of it being specifically used as a magic oil. Perhaps some more knowledgeable reader will enlighten me.

SUNFLOWER OIL: Also corresponds to the Sun in Leo. As the sunflower takes even its name from the Sun, it has a better chance of filling the correspondence than most of the other oils. Sunflower oil is used for much the same things as is olive oil. It is particularly good as a healing oil, and it works well as a massage or anointing oil. Sunflower oil has the ability to add “heat” to the body when used as a massage oil. This is not the heat of the menthol-based liniments, but the more subtle heat of the warmth of the sun and the life force.


A blessing oil is similar to an anointing oil. It is used to carry the force of the blessing given it when it is prayed over, and it imparts that blessing to the person who is to receive it. The following is one of the fi nest general blessing oils which can be made. It has been used successfully to lighten and elevate people, places, and things. The oil itself has a naturally high vibration, and when it is prayed over, this vibration is modified successfully by the energy of the prayer.

To one pint of pure olive oil add:
1 teaspoon lotus root powder
¼ teaspoon orrisroot powder

Shake together vigorously and place in the sunlight for a month. For best results you should shake the bottle every day to allow the ingredients to mix thoroughly. After a month it may be strained for use. If you wish you can keep the powders in the bottle, but some people find this unattractive. Remember to label the bottle and keep it out of reach of children and curious adults.

To bless someone, place a dab of oil on your finger and pray over it for the blessing which you wish to impart. Then apply the oil to the person to bless him or her. You can apply the oil wherever you wish to impart blessing—head, sternum, hands, etc.


Adapted, and reprinted with permission from Weiser Books, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, True Magic by Draja Mickaharic is available wherever books and ebooks are sold or directly from the publisher or by calling 800-423-7087.

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