Lunar Alchemy: The Moon Is Your Mirror

Lunar Alchemy: The Moon Is Your Mirror August 10, 2020

Imagine a velvety black sky above you, encrusted with diamond stars. Night after night you notice a sliver of light growing in the sky. Where there was nothing, a crescent has formed. Each passing night, the crescent of light grows larger, rounder, and fuller—growing until the whole night sky is lit with a silver mirror cascading light over shadows and pulling the tides.

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The moon is a powerful metaphor of transformation and growth. She shows us how to embody our own energetic evolution and step into our magic. Lunar alchemy engages the inner oracle—your wisest self that speaks the language of metaphor and knows beyond words or explanation. What the moon will teach you will challenge your intellect and awaken your Lunar Self.

Since ancient times, people have felt called to the moon. Some would track time by her light, knowing that her cycle lasted for 29.5 days. With keen intuitive knowing and observation they witnessed her influence over nature: the growth of crops, the behavior of animals, the fecundity of menstruation, and the pull of the tides. And as we are part of the web of nature, the moon exerts her profound influence over us. She literally pulls our internal tides. Each step you take during your exploration of the moon is an invitation to discover your own magic. The moon reflects you, you reflect the moon. There is no separation. Go forward with subtle perception. You can’t think your way through the moonlight; you have to feel yourself forward.

A key component of moon magic, and all natural magic, is intuition and feeling. There is a time and place for logic—that part of us that is ruled by the sun—and just as the sun and moon are in right-relationship with one another, our logic and intuition are also two sides of the same coin. Lunar Alchemy is a return to the Lunar Self, the part of you that dreams, feels, imagines, and stirs. You will learn the language of the moon by always asking: how do I feel?

Practice checking in with yourself on a daily basis to enhance this shift in perspective. Simply close your eyes and ask: How do I feel right now? You’ll be surprised at how clarifying this question can be. So much is happening under the surface, subconsciously brewing in your heart and being left unacknowledged.

Take this practice a step further and begin feeling the moon. Notice how you feel during each phase of the moon. Different phases affect us in different ways. Are you anxious? What phase is the moon in? Are you in love? What phase is the moon in now? Learn to correlate the “moon within” with the “moon without.” When you move with the ebb and flow of the moon, your own energy becomes more powerful. Eventually you will feel the moon phase without having to peer at the sky.

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Your Energetic Story

Everything in the Universe is energy. What you see, feel, and experience is the manifestation of an energetic vibration. Energy is the invisible thread that ties everything together. It knows no space or time.

We are exploring the world of energy—specifically, your energetic story. Your energetic story is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, fears, and feelings about life and how life responds to you. Your energetic story becomes the narrative of your life. As we work with the moon, your energetic story will be revealed, and you can begin shifting this energy in conscious and powerful ways.

The foundation of your inner world is laid by your experiences; over time those experiences become your beliefs. In every moment we look for proof of what we believe, whether those beliefs are good or bad, nourishing or depleting, conscious or unconscious.

Your inner world becomes your outer reality. Reality is relative to the inner experience, which is continuously looping, unless you disrupt the cycle with conscious attention. If you couple attention with clear intention and follow those intentions with action, then action and ownership create empowered change.

When you tap into your energetic story, you begin to see the narrative of your life. That narrative can be changed to reflect a more congruent and coherent version of you! You make conscious the unconscious parts of you and shine light into the dark and forgotten places of your inner world.

Remember, you get to choose what you believe. And by making the choice with deliberate intention and action, you claim ownership of your life; you change the vibration, and that manifests outward in your life experience.

To put it simply, your energetic story is your point of attraction.

If every thought or feeling holds a vibration, and that vibration is something you immerse yourself in regularly, then it becomes your state of being. That frequency or vibration is what you broadcast out into the Universe, pushing and pulling equal vibrations into your experience. The more time we spend in any one vibrational state, the denser the energy becomes until it manifests in physical reality.

So one negative thought doesn’t create a negative life. But a repeated negative thought becomes a negative belief, and that negative belief becomes your vibrational state, which means you can and will only create a reality that supports your vibration.

Can you name an experience in your life where this has been true?

You might not know the roots of your pain, but you can usually name the discomfort you’re experiencing. So we begin our process in the here and now, looking at the state of your life: Your pain and fears. Your desires and celebrations. Rather than seeing them as something separate from you or out of your control, you’ll begin to see the silver thread that connects everything in your experience together.

Your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions have been and always are the generative force behind your life. To apply the alchemical experience of the moon will mean tapping into your thoughts and feelings in an open and honest way and using them as a ladder to climb deeper inside to find the source of your pain and power, all with the moon as a guide.

The First Exercise: What Phase Are You In?

Begin by making two lists:

1. A list of the things that you feel dim your light and rob you of energy/confidence/power/authority.
2. A list of the things that feed you’re your light and increase your energy.

Now ask yourself the following questions to see what phase you are in. The answers to these questions will clue you in on how you are using your energy and what stage of development your personal power, desires, and intentions seem to be in.

Sometimes you’ll find a specific area of your life is in one phase. Generally there is an overall energetic state in which we spend most of our time.

Adapted, and reprinted with permission from Weiser Books, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, Lunar Alchemy by Shaheen Miro is available wherever books and ebooks are sold or directly from the publisher at or 800-423-7087

About Shaheen Miro
Shaheen Miro is an intuitive consultant, energy worker, artist, writer, and spiritual nomad. Through Intuitive guidance, and spiritual cleansing techniques Shaheen helps people transform their lives, concisely manifest their reality, and connect with their spirit. He is the creator of the Lunar Nomad Oracle. You can read more about the author here.

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