Banishing Negative Energies in the Home

Banishing Negative Energies in the Home August 3, 2020

Excerpt from Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic by Miss Aida


Energies in the home behave in the same manner as dust. Think about how dust distributes itself: some particles scatter around, while others gather to make larger piles. Logically, if you don’t cleanse away the dust and dirt, the accumulation accelerates and becomes an insult to both sight and smell. Sometimes, the insult is so drastic that it impairs our ability to move freely because we fear contamination.

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Just as dust circulates all over the home, so do the different types of energies. We’ve all walked into other people’s homes and felt a range of good, neutral, uncomfortable, and bad feelings. For instance, when people have recently argued, we can actually feel the ambiance of that tension, which makes us yearn to leave as soon as possible. On the flip side, if the energies are positive, we sometimes overstay our welcome! This is because our own energy fields are capable of sensing other energies and react accordingly.

Let’s look at a particular example of living in a dirty home and how it will eventually contaminate both your clothing and your body. I have three German Shepherd dogs that perpetually shed their coats. Neglecting to vacuum every day would allow their hair to fly all over the house and eventually mess up my clothing and my food, resulting in emotional discomfort. Eventually, the hair could enter my nasal passageways and obstruct my sense of smell and breathing, which would be a direct attack on my physiological well-being.

Similar principles apply to living with unfavorable energies. Think of the negative particles as you would the dog hair: when the energy particles, they will attach themselves to fixtures or accumulate in particular areas of your home, usually lurking alongside the clutter and dust. These energies behave as a vacuum, bringing in more of the same because “like begets like.”

Without aura cleansing and protection, even minor annoyances will attract negative energies that will ultimately enter your home. We’ve all had days of resistance that affect our psychological well-being, such as:

• Having a bad day at work
• Traffic backups
• Lack of cooperation from others
• Delay or resistance in plans
• Minor health problems such as headaches

When we get home, we eventually recover. However, even after our personal recovery, such negative energies do not just suddenly disappear. They instead disperse and remain somewhere in your home, hiding and accumulating more of same.

Negative energies are also introduced into your home in other ways. Consider your visitors or service people. Haven’t you ever interacted with someone and felt uncomfortable around them yet you could not identify the problem because their behaviors seemed to be kind and gentle? Or maybe you just didn’t like the person but couldn’t identify the source of the dislike. They were probably good people but, unfortunately, carrying negative energies that could be dispersed in your home. Perhaps they were not taking care of their own auras and so were carrying around a lot of spiritual dirt. If we go back to the dog hair analogy, a dog that doesn’t have regular baths will have more hair (negative energy) to shed where we don’t want it.

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Another situation that might shed negative energy in your personal space might be if a friend visits needing a lending ear or a helping hand in problem-solving. Even if this is not something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it could leave a residue of negative energies.

Also consider the type of energies prior tenants or owners of your home may have introduced into the dwelling. Did they argue? Were there tensions? Were there psychological or physiological illnesses? Be mindful of what may have been left behind.

With the many possibilities around for home contamination, a spiritual house cleansing can safeguard your well-being. There are other advantages too: the air will feel “lighter”; it will seem easier to take deep breaths; and you’ll sleep better too!

Cleansing, Blessing, and Protecting the Home for the First Time

Spiritual Cleaning

Within the multitudes of spiritual and religious traditions, there are many customs and techniques available to choose from in order to rid your dwelling of negativity. For instance, in the Hoodoo tradition, pine is considered to be not only a spiritual cleanser but also an ingredient used for money drawing. The brand Pine-Sol is sometimes used as a spiritual cleanser because its main ingredient is pine. There are other brands of cleansers that also claim to contain pine, but please read the labels to ensure that they do not contain an artificial pine substitute, which is unacceptable. Optionally, you may add a single drop of essential oil of pine to a cup of pure castile liquid soap and mix well. When you are ready to use it, add about one-quarter of the soap to a bucket of water.

Salt will do anything that you want it to do. I remember when my mother didn’t have a means of transportation to the store but needed to get rid of what she called “bad luck.” She would simply dissolve a few tablespoons of salt in a bucket of water and then mop the floor while commanding all bad luck to leave her house immediately.

Making a strong tea out of protection herbs such as rue, rosemary, or agrimony, then mixing it with pure liquid castile soap for a cleanser will also remove negativity. If you are fortunate to have the essential oils of the aforementioned, that’s even better! Remember to only add one drop of the oil in one-quarter cup of pure castile soap, then follow the instructions given for the pine cleanser.

In the Catholic tradition, it is believed that a few drops of Holy Water added to any body of water will turn the rest of that water into Holy Water. Pour about a quarter cup of Holy Water into your clean bucket of water.

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Ammonia will get rid of anything harmful; however, it can also eliminate good entities. Many decades ago, I brought a gallon of unopened ammonia into my godfather’s house of Santería. It was one of only three times that he ever lost his temper with me. He stated—or, to be more exact, screamed—that ammonia would drive away the orishas, the deities of Santería, from his house! Additionally, ammonia is harmful to many surfaces. Therefore, the instructions for use will be explored in more detail later in this book.

My preferred cleanser is Chinese Wash, a spiritual cleaning agent typically utilized by Hoodoo practitioners for spiritual house cleansing, purification, and other rites. Its odor is pleasant and uplifting. Among its key ingredients is Van Van Oil, which contains lemongrass in the form of an herb or essential oil, which removes negativity and brings forth good luck. Chinese Wash is available for purchase at most shops that sell magical supplies, or you can make your own. My personal recipe has brought great success to both myself and my clients.

Miss Aida’s Chinese Wash Recipe

One 32-ounce bottle of Murphy Oil Soap
One 1/2-ounce bottle of quality Van Van Oil
2 ounces of liquid pure castile soap (to dilute the Murphy Oil Soap)
One frankincense incense tear (to enhance the power of the formula)
1 tablespoon of lemongrass
13 new broom straws (aids in spiritual cleansings)
A little bit of your saliva

Remove about three ounces of Murphy Oil Soap from the bottle to make room then add the Van Van Oil and castile soap to the bottle. Agitate the bottle to disperse the liquids. Add the frankincense tear, followed by the lemongrass, then the broom straws. Replace the cap and gently shake the bottle. Once it appears that the lemongrass has been dispersed, remove the cap. Place your mouth close to the lip of the bottle and recite Psalm 23. Then respectfully release a little of your saliva into the bottle to activate or charge the ingredients. Your Chinese Wash is now ready for use.

Use about one-quarter cup of Chinese Wash per bucket of water. A new mop is preferable to wash the floor, but a clean mop will suffice. You will also need clean rags to wipe down walls and other surfaces.


Adapted, and reprinted with permission from Weiser Books, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic by Miss Aida is available wherever books and ebooks are sold or directly from the publisher at or 800-423-7087

About Miss Aida
Miss Aida was born into a family with a long history of spiritual work; most of her family practiced santeria, palo, or brujeria—or a combination of all three. She later learned hoodoo from esteemed teachers. A natural medium and hoodoo practitioner, she is also a US Air Force veteran and a registered nurse. You can read more about the author here.

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