Divination Conjure Style: Dedicating Your Tools

Divination Conjure Style: Dedicating Your Tools November 13, 2019

Anyone can memorize a deck of cards, but there’s nothing like being blessed with the gift of sight through your ancestors. When we dedicate our tools to the ancestors or a spirit, we are literally giving them the tools.

What does the word “dedicated” mean? This is what Webopedia has to say:

“Dedicated means reserved for a specific use. In communications, a dedicated channel is a line reserved exclusively for one type of communication.”

I never thought of my spiritual link with my ancestors as a “dedicated channel,” but I guess it is. They come through the bones or the cards to communicate with me. This might not be the “correct” spiritual term, but it explains exactly what happens when you dedicate your tools to the ancestors. That dedication will open up the lines of communication between you and them. You should be able to hear them loud and clear as they speak through your tools, be they cards, bones, candles, etc.

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Each worker has his or her own way of dedicating divination tools to the ancestors or spirits. My main divination tools have all been dedicated to my ancestors. I do have some that belong to the spirits that I work with so they can talk to me and give me information, but these are for my personal use only; I do not read for clients with them. Like I said, each reader has their own way of doing things, and my way is by no means the only way. This is just how I was taught to work with divination tools that I will be reading for the public with.

Our ancestors know all and see all. They also have our best interest at heart. This is why our tools should be dedicated to them. They will be the ones that are truly doing the reading; you simply have to discern the information that they are sharing with you. Anyone can memorize something, but to be a truly gifted reader you should be able to hear the spirits speak. By dedicating your reading tools to your ancestors, you are opening up that link. Trust in the power of your ancestors and the spirits that walk with you, and you can never go wrong. Listen to the wisdom they have to share with you.

When I get a new deck of cards or tool, I always cleanse it and give it to my ancestors. Since our ancestors are here to guide us in the right direction, it only makes sense that all divination tools would be given to them or a spirit that walks with you. Spirit always knows much more than we do or ever could—so why not give your cards to your ancestors to fill with their knowledge and their power, so you can see everything that you need to see and even find out things that are hidden?

I’m a firm believer that everything we touch has a spirit on it. Notice I did not say in it. Think about the artist who drew that ad you saw in a magazine, or the designer who created the microwave you might be using, or the illustrator for the cards you’re using right now. We leave a little bit of our emotions on everything we touch. Even if a deck of cards is brand-new and wrapped in cellophane, someone else had to touch it at some point. How do we know what type of day that person was having? How do we know if they were having loving thoughts or if their whole life was in turmoil? I, for one, don’t want someone else’s emotions in my spiritual tools. So I cleanse all my tools before working with them.

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How exactly do you do this dedication? You call on your ancestors and you petition them to fill your tools with their power so you will be able to understand what they are saying to you. Plain and simple, there is one thing you cannot do in this practice, and that is overthink or analyze it to death. Like the popular shoe commercial says, “Just do it!”


Here is a simple setup for dedicating your tools:

• White handkerchief
• Tools for dedication
• 4 candles

Lay your handkerchief on your ancestor altar and spread your tools on top. Then lay your candles in the shape of a cross around your tools. The first candle goes on the top, the next on the bottom, the next on the right, and the last on the left. (Now, before those who have read my other books can say, “But Starr, you said not to go from left to right unless you are locking something down,” wait a minute. That is exactly what you will be doing—locking the power and communication your ancestors share with you into the tools, so they retain that power and insight.)

Light each of the candles in the order you set them down. As you light each candle, call on your ancestors and the spirits that walk with you.

Repeat this process for seven days. On the eighth day, wrap your tools up in their hankie and thank your ancestors. Then give them an offering.

Take your tools and place them in your pillowcase, where you lay your head. Keep them there for seven days. If you have dreams during that time, try to write them down.

After the seven days are up, lay out your handkerchief and hold each tool—be it bones, cards, or a pendulum—up to your mouth and blow three breaths on it. Then say your name three times over it.

Call on God first, and then your ancestors. Petition them to help you understand what is being shown to you, and to communicate with you in a way that you will understand.

Ask a question that you already know the answer to, then use the tool. Sit there quietly for a few minutes. See if you can understand the message.

This is not trickery; you are simply making sure you understand what the ancestors are sharing with you. By blowing your breath over the tool, you are linking your spirit with the one that lives in the tool. When you say your name, the tool knows you are the one the answers are meant for.


Adapted, and reprinted with permission from Weiser Books, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, Divination Conjure Style by Starr Casas is available wherever books and ebooks are sold or directly from the publisher atwww.redwheelweiser.com or 800-423-7087.

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