A Beginning at the End and a Sunset

A Beginning at the End and a Sunset November 17, 2015

After I finished collage in Milwaukee, I moved out to L.A to pursue music. At the time it was important for me to get out of the Midwest and experience a different part of the country. I ended up spending a year and a half on the W est Coast, working odd jobs, playing odd shows , and surfing this beach in Santa Monica. After a year and a half I decided to buy a van, live in it , and tour the country, playing anywhere I could. I was recently in L.A for some meetings about the next record and found myself looking over this beach that I spent so much time at. Everything I have experienced since that day I left L.A rushed through my head as I looked towards the smog covered mountains. All the miles driven, shows played, people met, friends gained and lost, managers, albums, band members, kids born, successes , and failures all played before me in the 30 minutes I stood there. It was a great place to be for those 30 minutes , and a moment I felt honored to have had. Looking back I would have done some things differently … but I would not change where I am. My major take away from this visit was that I am happy, I have been blessed and that I am extremely excited for what will happen when I walk away from this beach again.

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