Conversations With Peter Mulvey: The Empathetic Artist

Conversations With Peter Mulvey: The Empathetic Artist January 31, 2017

When I began playing shows at Marquette University, few Milwaukee artists were making things happen on a national level. Peter Mulvey, who is ten years older, had the label, the records, the tour dates and artist collaborations to inspire any budding musician. Over the last ten years, Peter and my paths have crossed multiple times, recently, recording a cover for my Three Days EP (included below). Peter’s songwriting, voice and technical skill are second only to his heart and humanity. On a warm summer morning, we came together and journeyed deep into the essence of performance, the mystery, empathy and … bike riding. Join them in this episode of Time & The Mystery: Conversations with Peter Mulvey.

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Peter and I cover Peter Gabriel for my latest Three Days EP

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