What Would You Do Differently Today If You Knew It Were True?

What Would You Do Differently Today If You Knew It Were True? May 24, 2015


TruthKnowledgeBeliefThen the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe, help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

It’s much easier to believe than to know, isn’t it?

Belief provides just enough heft to prop open the door of doubt. And doubt readily accommodates us by licensing our freedom, our independence, and our ego-driven id.

Actual knowledge means a surrendering into – a relinquishing of options that, in truth, may never have existed.

And while magic rarely makes demands, knowledge and truth always do.

Now, if what we believe is true – and we need only attempt to snare the evidence as it swirls all around and through us – would our actions be a true witness to our beliefs?

What if we had tasted with our tongues the ceremonial water of Cana that had become like the wedding’s first-poured wine?

Or if we had felt the sudden stillness of that once raging storm as it submissively obeyed his commands?

Or if we had seen with our own eyes, on that very first day, the Word as it cloaked itself beneath human flesh?

Or what if, like Thomas, we had dared place our probing hands deep into those crimson wounds and, instantly, realized that eternity had just been transformed and all doubt forever cast aside?

Would we – could we – remain as we are today, at this hour, with that knowledge?

I doubt it.

If we would be so changed by actual knowledge, how would today be any different?


Our workplaces would be transformed, and balances differently struck.

Our political priorities would shift, so that those weakest among us would be uplifted and re-tooled with the skills and resources which best enable them to move away from dependency, and squalor, and hopelessness, and towards security, and freedom, and love.

Our families would be drawn closer in as they begin to provide a glimpse of the life to come.

Our spirits would become electrified as we see Him, who has truly risen, alive now in everyone we meet – whether in the powerful Boardroom President, or the disoriented homeless resident.

Our world would be shaken to it roots, as the influence of the compassionate, the merciful, the pure in heart, and the peacemakers first ripples, and then encircles, and then overwhelms.

And it can all begin with just one thing.

If, that is, we but begin to act with knowledge and not just belief.

So what’s the one thing you would do differently today . . .

. . . now that you know that it’s true?


Image Credit, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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