The Death of a Friend

The Death of a Friend November 13, 2009

A longtime friend of mine, Bobo Burns, died last night after a long struggle with diabetes and strokes.  Bobo was an amazing man who was more committed to youth ministry than anyone I’d ever met.  Having struggled with addiction in junior high and high school, he went through treatment and spent the next 30 years completely available to any kids in Edina, Minnesota who needed a listening ear.  He was a big part of what I consider to be the Golden Age of youth ministry in Edina.

Bobo worked for a few churches, and he often struggled to make ends meet.  I remember one church that paid him so little that he couldn’t afford car insurance and sold his car.  Instead, he rode a scooter.  In winter.  In Minnesota.

Countless kids were blessed by him at countless camps, retreat, and youth group meetings.  I was blessed by him, even as my own ministry ambitions occasionally ran roughshod over him.  He was rarely less than graceful.

I led dozens of camps and retreats with him, and he’ll definitely be remembered by many for this, his signature, the Boogaloo:

[UPDATE: Beautiful pics of Bobo by Matt Blum.

Thanks everyone for the comments.  Keep them coming.

The family has announced that there will be a reviewal at 7pm at Washburn-McCreavy in Edina on Monday, and a memorial service at 1pm on Tuesday at Colonial Church.]

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