Hipster Emergent Eyeglasses – My Secret

Hipster Emergent Eyeglasses – My Secret December 9, 2009

In Dan Brown fashion, Andrew Jones has broken the code regarding the hipster, black-framed, emergent spectacles, tracing it back to Karl Barth.

Well, I’ve got a secret.  I buy my glasses for $39.  That’s right.  $39.  At that price, you can get a couple pairs for yourself, and you, too, can be emergent!

Click below to get some for yourself.

Somehow, I think that Rob Bell pays more for his.  🙂

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  • The rob bell comment made me laugh. thanks for sharing that ‘site’! im needing some new ones my left ear piece is held together in the screw by a tooth comb…pretty hip but a pain as it doesn’t give tension to hold the frames on my head…to much info sorry…have a great day tony

  • Heck, that wouldn’t even pay for grinding my perscription!

  • Ted, that pays for the whole dealio. Frames, lenses, and a case!

  • I’m actually in the market for a new pair and style, the decision has now been made. Sweet

  • hahaha this is amazing!

  • Scott

    I think Andrew stole that from Todd Hiestand’s blog found here: http://www.toddhiestand.com/karl-barth-meets-the-emerging-church/12/

  • Tony, I got my cool hipster glasses from the same place. Thanks for blowing our cover…

  • HA! I can’t remember for sure, but I think that on non-contact-wearing days Nadia Bolz-Weber falls into the same hipster emergent glasses category. Am I right, or does it just feel as though she should?

  • Ryan

    Scott, he didn’t steal anything; if you read the link, Andrew is clearly playing off Todd’s article, and clearly gives credit to the originator of the idea.

  • Mine cost $5. Of course they’re just readers from Dollar General. 🙂

  • Don’t forget my favorite Karl……Rahner. He was also sportin’ some wicked nice frames.

  • Jay Bakker–definitely in.

  • Scott

    Ryan- I didn’t mean “steal” in a pejorative manner. It should have read “borrowed” or some other synonym. My apologies for any confusion or finger-pointing.

  • carla jo

    Does it count if I wear plastic hipster frames because they don’t break when one of my kids accidentally knocks them off my face? I gave up on metal frames long before I gave up on modernity.

  • Greg

    I went and got Lasik done a few years ago. Now my chances at being a cool emergent guy are forever blown!

  • Sean LeRoy

    …yeah, but which frames exactly did you buy?… =)

  • Dan Hauge

    Just cause they’re cheap doesn’t make them any less hip :).

    In fact, the very frugality just adds to the anti-establishment hipster cred. You’re hopelessly hip, Tony.

  • Patrick O

    “and you, too, can be emergent!”

    Only if they come with an iphone.

  • Man, I wish I had known about this 39 dollar glasses site before I spent 8 times that much for mine! Geez…

  • Where’s the link? I don’t see it!

  • Thanks for the info Tony – I need eye exams for the whole family soon!

  • site crammed as quick given that your own house hahah