My Debut as a Voice Actor

My Debut as a Voice Actor March 25, 2010

[2nd UPDATE: They fixed it, but Homebrewed is still #1 (for now…)]

[UPDATE: Nick — of Nick & Josh — posted the wrong audio file, so the podcast I refer to is not yet up.  This action demotes Nick & Josh to the second best podcast in all of Christendom, and vaults Homebrewed Christianity back into first place.]

Rick Bennett posted a completely redonkulous fictional dialogue around Oscar time.  Well, a couple weeks ago, after a few glasses of wine, some of us at Theology after Google did a dramatic reading of the post, and it’s now been posted at the Nick & Josh Podcast:

Based on the blog post by Rick Bennett entitled “an imagined conversation: Oscar Round-Table with Mark Driscoll, Brian McLaren, Ed Young, Jr, David Dark and the Rev. Smith, pastor of Berean Baptist Church,” Josh grabbed this reading with a group of folk sitting around for dinner and drinks after the last session of Theology After Google (Claremont 2010). Included in this mix are the following:

CTT: Philip Clayton

Mark Driscoll: Ryan Parker

Brian McLaren: Joshua Case

Ed Young Jr: Chad Crawford

David Dark: Tony Jones

Rev. Smith: Bob Cornwall

via » The Nick & Josh Podcast.

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