Some Inside Jokes for the Theologically Educated

Some Inside Jokes for the Theologically Educated June 20, 2010

At Faith and Theology, Kim Fabricius and Ben Myers have posted a bunch of clerihews about 20th century theologians.  Pretty funny, if you’re into this kind of thing.  Here’s a taste:

Rudolf Bultmann
One day began
To study the Gospel of John; and found, to his satisfaction,
That pretty much every word was redaction.

Hans Küng,
When he was young,
Rose to the top. Almost.
Now he is toast.

And my two favorites:

C. S. Lewis
Must have smoked cannabis
With Narnia creatures to write the banality
Of Mere Christianity.*

“Jürgen Moltmann,
The world,” we ask, “live without hope?”

Be sure to read the comments, too, where some readers have posted a few more gems.

HT: Christian Century

*I realize that some readers consider it a cardinal sin to say — or even think — anything negative about C.S. Lewis.  Well, sorry, but he’s overrated.  So are The Beatles.

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