Some Inside Jokes for the Theologically Educated

Some Inside Jokes for the Theologically Educated June 20, 2010

At Faith and Theology, Kim Fabricius and Ben Myers have posted a bunch of clerihews about 20th century theologians.  Pretty funny, if you’re into this kind of thing.  Here’s a taste:

Rudolf Bultmann
One day began
To study the Gospel of John; and found, to his satisfaction,
That pretty much every word was redaction.

Hans Küng,
When he was young,
Rose to the top. Almost.
Now he is toast.

And my two favorites:

C. S. Lewis
Must have smoked cannabis
With Narnia creatures to write the banality
Of Mere Christianity.*

“Jürgen Moltmann,
The world,” we ask, “live without hope?”

Be sure to read the comments, too, where some readers have posted a few more gems.

HT: Christian Century

*I realize that some readers consider it a cardinal sin to say — or even think — anything negative about C.S. Lewis.  Well, sorry, but he’s overrated.  So are The Beatles.

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  • Thanks for these, Tony. Gave me a good chuckle. And, by the way, I agree wholeheartedly about C.S. Lewis and The Beatles (never really understood the fascination with either.)

  • Jason Derr

    Tony –
    How DARE you speak ill against St. Lewis (i think he is actually a anglican saint and we have a day for him…but then again any one who dies in the faith is a saint with the Anglicans).

    Marcus Borg (i know i know) in his novel ‘Put Away Childish Things’ has his charercter talk about Lewis and Lewis’s development over his writing to a more progressive stance.



  • nathan

    the delicious irony about Lewis is that for all the quivering evangelicals do over him, he wouldn’t return the favor.

    and, yes, while I love the Narnia books and appreciate some of Lewis’ other works, he’s hardly deserving of the the almost “God breathed” status that people seem to give the guy.

  • Jim

    While I agree that Mere Christianity is overrated, I’m not sure how anyone who’s read Voyage of the Dawn Treader or An Experiment in Criticism could consider his writing, as a whole, overrated. Also, his work in medieval and renaissance literature is pretty much the best there is, and the secular world will agree, not just “quivering evangelicals.”
    But clerihews seem fun, though I’m more of a limerick man myself.

  • I love Lewis, but I can chuckle too. He might be overrated, but better to be overrated stirring us up to love and good words, than, well…you get the idea.


  • Jason Derr

    Theologian Joke:
    Does John Caputo go to Church on sundsays?
    No…he goes to the Event.

  • “So are The Beatles.”

    Well, they did sing All You Need is Love, and given your last entry, you may very well be short changing their profundity.

    Just saying… ;o)


  • How dare you!!!!
    People who say The Beatles are overrated are simply advertising they’re ignornace about Pop music and music history in general.

    C.Lewis Meh

  • Jason Derr

    Theologian Joke:
    Have you heard that Francis Shaffer is depressed?
    What happened?
    He crossed the line of despair!

  • nathan

    but his scholarly work isn’t really what evangelicals (on the whole) regard him for…or even care about…

  • I tried to read Mere Christianity… and I just couldn’t finish it. So I read NT Wright’s “Simply Christian” instead. Much better.

  • Jo Jo

    You’re overrated.

  • uncle billy

    I wish I could be overrated! Wait – maybe I am?

  • Sherra Fraser

    I am amazed that for all of the comments about C.S. Lewis – the only works mentioned are Mere Christianity and the Narnia Series….if this is the depth of knowledge one has of his work, one is hardly qualified to comment. He is certainly not an Augustine, Bonhoffer or Barth, but he did made significant theological contributions in his era. Furthermore, to minimalize the impact the Narnia Series has on making some complicated theology relevant and understandable to elementary school and middle school students is also to negate, without understanding, the significance of his contributions both in relation to theology, as well as classic literature.

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