What Is the "Gospel" Response to the Prop 8 Ruling?

What Is the "Gospel" Response to the Prop 8 Ruling? August 13, 2010

That’s the question that Christianity Today asked a variety of evangelical leaders and thinkers.  Since not one of them affirmed the recent ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker, and since their email asking my opinion must have gone into my spam folder, I figured I’d weigh in here.  Here’s my answer to their question:

Both our sacred text and the Christian tradition equivocate on what, exactly, is marriage.  It’s a fluid concept, and it has evolved over time.  As Christians, we should have a voice in the continuing evolution of the concept of marriage.  The gospel of Jesus Christ does have something to say about marriage, namely, marriage should be Christ-centered and chaste (i.e., monogamous).  As Christians, we should promote monogamy among all people, be they straight or gay.  So, marry whomever you want in your church (sacramental marriage), but let’s all band together and encourage monogamy among our GLBT brothers and sisters by affirming Judge Walker’s ruling (legal marriage) and overturning Prop 8, an unconstitutional law that denies equal protection under the law to non-heterosexual citizens of our country.

Oh, and while we’re at it, if you’re a clergyperson, you should stop performing legal marriages.

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