Takes on the New Testament Takes on the New Testament August 29, 2010

It’s no Life of Brian, but it did cause me to laugh out loud at one point (you can try to guess).  Here’s a taste:

God: Hey Jews.

Jews: Hey.

God: So listen guys, I’m thinking we go in a different direction with this whole religion.

Jews: What?

God: You know, do a non-gritty reboot. Same God taste, new God packaging. That sort of thing.

Jews: We don’t follow.

God: Okay, work with me here guys. Remember the whole ‘angry God’ thing?

Jews: Vividly.

God: Where I killed a whole bunch of you and-

Jews: Yeah.

God: And forty years in the-

Jews: We remember that.

God: Not to mention Robo-Hitler. Yikes.

Jews: Wait, what?

God: Whoops, forget I said that. “Spoiler Alert”, am I right?

via “The New Testament” by Lev Novak on CollegeHumor.

HT: John Musick

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  • That was funny.

    Hey Tony, whatever happened to your promise last winter to blog more about universalism? I have been waiting all year for it!