Introducing Social Phonics

Introducing Social Phonics September 24, 2010

Today, Doug and I announce that the social media arm of JoPa Productions is Social Phonics.  We’d love for you to follow us on Facebook, and register for our upcoming social media boot camps in Pasadena, Boston, Sioux Falls, Dallas, and Minneapolis.

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  • Hi Tony,
    Attended your Social Phonics workshop yesterday. Greatly appreciated your offerings.
    Left feeling somewhat overwhelmed and fighting my Luddite tendencies.
    This morning realized I wished I’d asked more about your comments that you turn off your email, etc. on the weekends. This raised the issues of spirituality that I focus much of my personal ministry upon. I’m a spiritual director in addition to being a pastor.
    Have you blogged about the reasons for “turning off” on the weekends? What are your understandings of Sabbath, boundaries, rest, etc. in relation to Social Media? Do you “turn off” in relation to family & friends as well? I”d love to hear your comments. Alas, for another week or so, your response will have to be by email, until i get my Facebook & Twitter stuff up to speed. Done on working days only :). THanks.
    Grace & peace