What Do Facebook Groups Mean for You?

What Do Facebook Groups Mean for You? October 14, 2010

The latest edition of the JoPa Productions email newsletter, the JoPanator, was sent today.  I wrote the following article briefing churches and ministries about how the new Facebook group function might affect them:

Last week, Facebook announced that they were launching a new version of groups. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes in Facebook and Twitter, so here’s a quick primer on the latest change.

Facebook has come under scrutiny for privacy concerns in the last couple years. Users were not comfortable, for instance, that when they posted a picture or note on the wall of a group, that would also show up on their own profile newsfeeds for all of their friends to see. While there have been work-arounds for this, they were never very intuitive.

What the new type of Facebook Groups allows is for privacy. For instance, something posted to a group will only be visible to other members of that group, and it will only show up in the newsfeed of the poster when viewed by other members of the group.

Read the rest here: A Free iPad, a New Venture, and What Do Facebook Groups Mean for You?

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