Preaching & The Emerging Church: A Review

Preaching & The Emerging Church: A Review November 6, 2010

The opening of my review here.  Click over to Scot’s site below to read the rest.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re writing your dissertation on left-handed hitters in baseball. The subjects of your study have widely varied approaches to hitting, but they are all among the best in the majors: Joe Mauer, Ichiro Suzuki, David Ortiz, and Josh Hamilton. But here’s the thing: your entire PhD dissertation is based on what they’ve written and said about their own swings. You never once attended a game and watched any of the four sluggers take an at-bat.

That would be a fatal flaw in this hypothetical dissertation, and it is the fatal flaw in John S. Bohannon’s dissertation-cum-book, Preaching & The Emerging Church: An Examination of Four Founding Leaders: Mark Driscoll, Dan Kimball, Brian McLaren, and Doug Pagitt.

via Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Tony Jones | Jesus Creed.

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  • nathan

    read the full review and was laughing out loud at moments…and so much so I woke up my napping kid.

    All I can say is that if that is what passes for PhD work these days, then evangelicals really have not right to get their panties in a twist when the mainstream sniffs at our intellectual cred and “scholarship”.

    That being said, this topic seems more suited for a D.Min….then again, the guy might be posturing with Brother Patterson for a faculty position and heaven knows a seminary chock full of profs who all got their doctorates at said seminary and are largely hired on some jackwagon notion of “Political Conformity = Academic Integrity” is going to be doing wonders for the institutional enshrinement of cultural/social class commitment posing as learned theological rumination.

    phew…got that off my chest.


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  • sounds like the screams of the dying industrial church out to shout down the emerging/conceptual church – sad, oh just so sad.

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