Photo in Need of a Caption

Photo in Need of a Caption December 9, 2010

What do you suppose I was saying that had The Tickle aghast and BMac scrolling through his iPhone?

Photo by Courtney Perry

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  • “I am Ken Silva.”

  • Tony giving erroneous directions to Chipotle. Ms. Tickle was thinking about getting extra guac and Brian packed a turkey sandwich.

  • Mike already won this thread, obviously. But I think it went something like this:

    “‘Where does the emerging church get their theology?’ Why, they read my blog, of course! Duh!”

  • Jeremy Serrano

    “and that is how we are going to take over the world!”

  • Jeremy Serrano

    PT responds “wait, WHAT?”

    BM thinks while playing Angry Birds on his iPhone, “there he goes afain, Tony is on his taking over the world soap box”

  • JoeyS

    “Well the real test of Orthodoxy, and therefore loving Jesus, can be summed up by a simple acrostic:

  • Jo Jo

    “‘If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ then anthema- let him be cursed. Come, Lord Jesus’, 1 Corinthians 16:21”.

  • “It’s simple, and I’ll repeat it just one more time. BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

  • TJ “Heeeeyyyyy! There’s no need for that kind of language here!”
    PT “Did I hear the f bomb?”
    Bmac “can I just crawl under the table now and pretend I’m not here?”

  • As the new era of McCarthyism dawned, the imfamous “Emergent Three” face a senate-based loyalty review. In his opening remarks, Tony Jones begain:

    “Senator Beck, if I could just explain my soteriology briefly, I’m sure this would all be cleared up.”

  • In the era of new McCarthyism, the infamous “Emergent Three” face a senatorial loyalty panel. Ring-leader Tony “Theoblogian” Jones, responding to charges, says: “Senator Beck, if I could just explain my soteriology we could clear this up”.

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  • Tim West

    “Let’s face it–there is no Great Emergence. There’s only a series of local, contextualized emergences.”

  • Yeah, try as we might, Mike totally captured this in the first comment. Wow…