Stop Using US Bank

Stop Using US Bank December 21, 2010

The past year has been financially hellish for me with a home foreclosure resulting from divorce. And no entity has been as unhelpful downright evil as US Bank.  Personnel from US Bank have been consistently unhelpful and unwilling to work with our situation.  Just this morning, I was literally yelled at by an employee named David Bishop in the loan recovery department.  When I ultimately asked to be transferred to his supervisor, he transferred me to a fax machine.  When I called back and asked for his supervisor’s extension so that I could call her directly, I was given a dead extension.

US Bank has scuttled two short sale offers on the house because they were unwilling to take less than was owed to them on the home equity loan, even though Bank of America, holder of the mortgage, approved the sales and stood to lose a lot more.

They call me nearly every day, but when I call back, no one returns my calls.

And now, as I try to work out an agreement that would allow me to begin to rebuild my credit and actually get US Bank about 25% of what they are owed on this loan, Mr. Bishop shouts at me and tells me no deal.

So, all I can think to do now is notify all of my social media networks that US Bank is a no good company, and you should not do business with them.

And when you take your account away, tell them it is because of the way that their employees like David Bishop treated customers, and because their policies trump common sense financial solutions to problems.

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